Friday, April 1, 2016

Water Marble Art

I'll polish my nails today. I'll not paint my nails with just one color but paint them with all colors here that I'll mix at once. First, pour water three-fourths in a cup. I'll drop nail polish in the cup. I'll drop nail polish is the cup. I'll start with white. Red. Yellow. Drop! Black. This one. Pink. Red? I'm not sure. This pretty shape came out, I'll make more shapes with toothpick. What is it? Looks strange. Looks strange. I don't know why. Anyway, this shape came out. I'll put this on my nail. Let's go. I don't need rest of polish, I'll remove it. Wait a little bit. Then I'll take out my finger. What is it? Polish's on my finger skin. It's said to wipe. You can see some nail polish's on my finger skin. I'll remove it using nail remover here.

I can remove it like this. After that, I'll leave the polish on my nail. Isn't it pretty? Maybe not. I did it quite odd. I'll try it again. Though I got pretty colors here. Yellow first. More? It's too much. Red. White. I made a mistake. It's okay. This one. Black. No black? No? Pink. Yellow again. Red again. Dark pink again. Light pink. Yellow. Ok. I'll put band-aids on my finger. Because I don't want to paint polish on my finger skin last time.

To prevent that, I'll put band-aids on my finger skin. I did it like this. It's time to make my nail petty. Let's do it! Okay! Remove nail polish on the water. Let's see my nail. I don't know yet. I need to wait to dry. I'll remove band-aids. How can I remove this? Oh~it looks pretty. Let's wait till it dry. I'll wipe this part on my finger skin. See it! This one is the first one and this is I did right before. What I just did is really pretty, right? Oh~ it's amazing.

I'll do all my nails like this. I'll remove nail polish and paint it again all at once. Remove polish and put band-aids. Here are 10 paper cups. I'll pour water and drop nail polish to all. No!! No way~ Okay. I poured water and dropped nail polish. I'll soak all my fingers. One, two, three! I feel like it's not painted. Okay. Let's check. It' a mess! Can you see it? It's not that pretty than I thought. This part is removed. It must be pretty if a nail artist do it. It must be pretty if nail artist do it. This is ability. But you know, considering that man did it at the first time, it looks pretty, right? Here are lots of color so looks pretty. Only when you see it from a distance. Don't see it close. If you see it close, it is mess. Today HEOPOP made my nails pretty. Nail art was so difficult. But little finger nail looks pretty, right? HEOPOP is a man. So I'll just not polish my nails but make neat.

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