Monday, April 4, 2016

April TRY IT tip - Yogurt For Weight Loss - How It Can Help

Hello everyone and happy April fools day. Today is April 1st so it is time for another TRY IT tip. Now this month I went back to making sure to eat yogurt every day to help me lose weight. And I will say, of (all) the previous month(s)... some months I did struggle with actually doing it every day. I have to say this month... I rocked it. Every single day... I remembered to have the yogurt so I did really great there. I did see a few pounds lost.... unfortunately I have to cop to being a bonehead and went back to smoking for a few weeks this month. 

So... you know... with the extra coffee and Coke that I generally drink when I'm smoking, that really kind of put a stopper on more weight loss. But I'm getting back onto my no smoking habits again. And onto my patch so I can get that goal re-established. Because that is the most important goal. 

But anyways... that being said let's talk about Yogurt and weight loss. If you are interested... definitely Google "probiotics and weight loss" and you will come up with a ton of research that has been done. A lot of studies in medical journals that you can read up a little bit more. But I'm gonna give you the top ... what i think is the most relevant reasons why you want to eat yogurt every day and help you lose weight. Because I think a lot of people look at the calories per serving and stay away from it because they they feel it's just too high (of a) calorie intake. But there's a lot of things that you get from yogurt that are far more important and far more beneficial than just simply watching the calories in what you're eating. 

The first one... Calcium reduces cortisol, and of course being a dairy product there is tons of calcium in your yogurt and anytime we can reduce our cortisol levels... that helps us lose weight faster. So that's a big big reason right there. Number two is there is probiotics in here. Healthy bacteria that help regulate your digestive system and also help boost your immune system. So not only is your digestive system going to be functioning better, you're also going to be less likely to be sick which always helps your goals in getting in your workouts and things like that. And just improving your overall general health. The other thing... this may be TMI for some and I appologize if it is...but it is a well-known fact that when you're on antibiotics that can lead to yeast infections. With eating yogurt everyday, you're adding good beneficial bacteria back into your body. And that can really help avoid having a yeast infection when you're on antibiotics. which for me having Strep (throat) this month... definitely happy that it coincided that I'm adding yogurt back into my daily daily diet on a month that I needed it. So that's a really good added bonus of yogurt, is if you're already doing it every day... already have that habit... you don't need to remember when you have to go on antibiotics. Number three... (yogurt is) loaded with vitamins especially B vitamins. 

The one thing you actually really want to look for when you're choosing a yogurt is vitamin D. Vitamin D, of course, is not naturally occurring in dairy. It's added in and the reason why it's added in, is because vitamin D helps us absorb calcium better. So you're getting even more benefits of the calcium when there is vitamin D in it. But not all brands add that to their yogurt. So when you're looking at the ingredient list take a check for vitamin D you actually really do want to see that in there. And I will list in the description bar as well... some of the more common names to look for the probiotics. I can't... (laughs) I don't have a hope in anything of pronouncing these rights. So I will put them down below... some of the bacterial culture names to look for in the ingredient list. Number four.... definitely going to be beneficial to the viewers my age and older... Potassium... there is a lot of potassium in yogurt and potassium... what it does is help us flush salt. And of course we all know salt can be instrumental in high blood pressure. 

So eating yogurt everyday can either help your high blood pressure if you already have it. Or it could possibly help you avoid high blood pressure. So definitely a really good thing there. Not related to weight loss, but still very important. And the fifth one is yogurt is very high in protein. especially if you choose the Greek yogurts. They have double the protein and protein is responsible for making us feel full for longer. So the longer you're feeling full... the less likely you are to snack. So that's a really good. If you're looking for a place to put yogurt into your diet... Bedtime... if you are a nighttime snacker in the first place, then have your yogurt then. It will keep you full longer so you're not tempted to go for cookies or chips or anything else like that, that is really loaded with calories and not the best thing to be eating near bedtime. That would be a great time to throw in your yogurt for the day. Or, of course, have it whenever you like. But I thought I'd throw that out there as a suggestion. So, that is really in a nutshell... the five best reasons for choosing to add yogurt into your diet every day despite their calories per serving. That it can really help you lose weight and do a whole host of other things as well. So I hope you found this informative. I hope that you actually try it... and if you do do it... come back to this video even if it's a month or two months later and let me know how it works for you. I really do enjoy hearing that. So that is it for this month. Next month we will come back with another TRY IT tip and we'll see you then.

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