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FLAT TWIST BUN!! | Easy Natural Hair Style | Jungle Naps

It's your girl, Jungle Naps, and I'm here with this amazingly simple way to spice up your bun. Checkout this little 360 view. It's perfect for those days when you're just trying to get out of the house fast. So here I'm starting on non stretched hair, I just washed it, the shrinkage is real you guys, and I'm starting with a deep side part, but you know it's up to you you can part in the middle if you want. And this is the leave in that I used, so it's already sprayed with leave in and then I've also used my Eden Body Works Curl Defining Creme, I love, love, love this stuff. So, first off I'm just gonna part this front section here and this is going to be where I'm going to put the flat twist. So you can be really gentle, I'm not trying to be super precise with my part, I just kind of wanna section it out and then I'm going to just tie it back so that, you know it's easy to work with. And then I'm gonna do the same on the other side here. 

And then I'm just going to tie that back with my hair tie and then we're gonna get started with out flat twist. ? Don't test the waters always have ? I think we're getting close ? Racing through the waves I want to be ? - Okay, so here's what I'm gonna use to tame my edges. This is the Curl Control Paste. I love this stuff for my edges, it actually has some really great ingredients that helps your edges grow and I'm just gonna gently brush this back but you can use your fingers if that how you roll. And then I'm gonna go over this section again with my Eden Body Works Curl Defining Creme and this is just gonna kind of you know help everything just kinda stick together as I flat twist. 

So, as I flat twist, I've got two sections up top and every time I twist, I pull a section of hair and then I twist it over and pull a section and twist it over. And then I'm just going to continue doing this until there isn't any more hair to add and then I'll just you know twist it down like normal, like a normal twist and then he'll be done. Okay, so here I'm gonna just add my Curl Control Paste to the other side and you can really be generous with this stuff. Because of my hair type, it doesn't weigh my hair down at all. And then just go in with that twist, so again, starting out with two sections, every time you twist, grab a section and pull it over. And then just twist until there's no more hair. If you need to add some more paste, do that as well. Okay, so now I'm gonna go ahead and release my two sections and we're gonna put this hair into a bun. And I've used my Curl Defining Creme to just smooth every thing in the back so that I don't have any fly aways. And I'm gonna use my big like elastic band, I don't know what brand it's by but my hair has long outgrown regular hair bands so I just use the giant one and I'm smoothing it back and then I'm gonna loop it several times. What I love about this is it's not too tight on your hair and you can loop it around you know, like more than twice without having that like hurtful feeling. So you can just wear it like this, it's super cute or you can turn it into a bun as well which I'm gonna do right now. 

So I've got my little doughnut and I got this from Sally's. I love this, it doesn't tangle in my hair, rip any hair out. So I'm just gonna put this over. And if you have super short hair this might not be an option for you but if you have a little bit longer hair like mine, you're just gonna take sections and fold it and tuck your ends underneath that doughnut, if that makes sense. So yeah, just pull that section, you can see there, and then tuck it in. And now we're gonna secure everything with bobby pins. Make sure you get em in, you want it to be nice and secure, you don't want that bun moving around. And that is what the final product looks like guys, pretty cute if I do say so myself. So if you ever find yourself wondering, "What am I gonna do, How am I gonna spice up this bun, damn." Well, remember this style and just go ahead and make sure that you're fly and this is what the final product is gonna look like. Beautiful huh. Alright you guys, thanks so much for watching, if you find this useful, please give this a thumbs up

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