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Vintage Bridal Nail Art Design Tutorial - Simple Lace effect 3D Acylic

Nail Art Design Tutorial. I'm going to show you how to do a bridal vintage look, and we're going to do laser cutting out and all sorts of things with acrylic. It's going to look really pretty and nice and weddingy. Okay, for this design I've already applied some acrylic nail extensions. We've used Warm Natural Beige and we've used Pure White on this one. They're in the shape of a ballerina, which is really really popular at the minute. I'm going to create a design over all five nails. I would say it's a little bit vintage and bridal inspired and we're only going to use white and nude coloured acrylics. I've got pure white acrylic here and I've got max adhesion, the nails have already been top coated with mega gloss sealer gel, a nice slippy surface for me to work on. You'll need a dotting tool for this. We're going to work bit by bit. Small beads, straight on top. Let that set a little bit, and we're going to use a small tiny weenie dotting tool and carve into the acrylic with the dotting tool. I'm just using basic flowery swirl shapes. 

It looks like cut out lace. If you want to work a little bit slower then what you'll do is change the liquid and use the medium liquid, and that will just set a little bit slower. We're going to do some on this one now. If you go in too early it won't do anything. Make sure you're at the right setting point. This one I'm doing a centre and then dragging out from the sides with a little daisy shape. It looks really nice as the nude colour shows through. That natural beige is a lovely nude to use. We're going to do another bit here and I'm blending it, you can't see the join. It looks like it's been done in one go. Just pull it out. If you're good at drawing with a pen and not painting, this is really easy for you to do. Some people struggle with a brush, so this is really easy, it's just like doing it with a pen. Add a little teardrop shape on the end, just dangling. Flatten it out a little bit, it's hollow in the middle, then we dot around the outside. 

Make sure you keep it really near to the cuticle. This one I'm just doing a really random swirly pattern with little dots. On the thumb, we're going to do some frills as well. So I'm going to do this sort of cut out lace bit first. If this starts to lift off, make sure you put it back down with your brush. The dampness on the brush will secure that back to the nail. Press the folds down with the brush on the side and you can lift, press in, press in, and lifting up here to create a frill. I'm going to do the same on this side. Using the side as it's thinner. I'm going to join in the middle now. I'm pressing in and lifting the corners, just using the very tip of the brush to lift, and it's the lifting that's going to give it the movement. Using the warm beige cover powder, we're going to do a similar design on this nail and a little flower, an actual 3D flower. You can do this design in other colours, but this just gives it more of a vintage feel, a bridal feel. In this corner we're doing a 3D flower, little beads, press them out into half moons, really subtle. Make sure you sit the beads in between the petals so you can overlap each petal. You'll notice that the angle of the brush will get quite high now because we're coming to the middle. 

Just gently brush that to push it into the right position. Now just swirling the centre round with the very tip of the brush. I'm just going to add a little bit more of this sort of cut out lacing down here just to finish that nail. I'm literally just dotting into this. I'm going to get a little bit of white paint and I'm literally going to dry brush this, I don't want it wet, I want quite a dry brush. I'm going to touch on this lace and your flower and it will just pick up the parts that hide and make it stand out a little bit more. If you get any paint onto this nail, because it's already glazed, just whip round with your acrylic brush, your 3D brush, and it'll just clean it off. You could leave it like that, but what we're going to do is brush over with some brush-on glue. The next thing I'm going to do is use some of the mega gloss sealer gel which is a nice thick consistency but not too crazily thick, it's just a little bit thick, and we're going to use the balled chain and apply some of this. Put that on and any excess you can just nip. :00 Let that just sit in the gel. Then I'm just going to neaten up that gel, I don't want it to be everywhere. Put that into the lamp. Again, I'm just going to do that on a few of them. Exactly the same technique. On the white finger we've got a short piece just next to the rose and then I'm going to add some stones. Just to make it a little bit more zingy. You can use different shapes, what I think will fit nice in the spaces that I've got. This one just needs a bit more gel. With a little bit of mega gloss sealer gel I'm just going to run that along the chain which will help to secure that and it'll help it stop getting tarnished as well. Just finishing off with some cuticle oil. All round the finger.So that's your finished design, vintage bridal feel.

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