Thursday, April 7, 2016

Madam Glam Nail Polish Review + Nail Art!

Hey Guys! Today I'll be doing something a little bit differentI was contacted by Laura from Madam Glam asking if I wanted to try out some of their nail polishesThey have a ton of different colours on their website, but I managed to narrow it down to 6 coloursI really liked and I wanted to share them with you todayAnd also seeing as this is a nail art channel, I'll do some nail art at the endThe reason why I really like these polishes is that they're cruelty free, vegan and 5 freewhich means they don't contain any toluene, DBP, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin or camphorIf you are interested in buying any of their polishes, the link to their website will be in the description box below and I also have a 30% off code for you to use.

 Just type kizzy30 at checkout!So onto the swatches!So the first colour is called For A Lady and it's a lovely taupeI found it really easy to apply - it wasn't too thick or too wateryIn natural daylight it looks like a dusty purple but in dimmer lighting it just looks greybut either way it's a very work appropriate shadeSo this is 2 coats plus top coatNext up is Boss Lady and don't you just love the name of this polish?! I absolutely love it!So after the 1st coat it looks more like a raspberry red but after the 2nd coat you'll definitely see that it's more of a dark, vampy blood red.

So I applied 2 coats plus top coat in this photo, but I didn't notice until after that it's not completely opaque so it probably could have done with a 3rd coatSo now onto my favourite of the bunch! This is Cinderella Shoesand it's a holographic or "holo" glitter polishI just had to include a bottle shot of this one so you can see how sparkly and rainbow-y this polishis So I found it was best to use light brush strokes to get the glitter evenly placed on the nail For the 2nd coat I used shorter brush strokes just to make sure that I was filling in all the gapsAnd then I added a generous amount of top coat to smooth out all of that glitterSo that's 2 coats plus top coatThe next nail polish is Your Majesty and it's a really bright electric blue.

The formula for this polish was amazing and it was almost a 1 coater!You can just see my nail line ever so slightly at the tip so I did add a 2nd coat just to show you what that would look like But in real life I think I'd probably just wear 1 coat This one also dried semi-matte so I think it definitely looks better with top coat addedSo that's 2 coats plus top coatNext is I Love Winter and this is a really hard polish to describe the colour of. It's mainly a darkpurple and it does have purple and orange glitter in itbut then it also looks kind of green in some lights, so I'll insert photos hereYep like this one. It looks kind of green so I don't know it's all the colours! The 1st coat went on really nice and smooth but it's definitely going to need a 2nd coatAnd it is fully opaque in 2 coatsI added top coat to give more depth to the glitterAnd lastly is Candy Coat which is a really fun, bright purple polishThis polish did have a thinner brush than the others and the formula was also on the thinner sidebut it was still okay to work with and it wasn't flooding my cuticles or anything Personally I do prefer slightly wider brushes like the other polishes hadBut I know some people like thinner brushes so I guess it's just personal preferenceThis is 2 coats plus top coatNow onto the nail art! I thought I would keep it simple and do a glitter gradientI used Candy Coat as the base and then I put some of Cinderella Shoes which is the holo on a spongeThen I sponged this on the nail, concentrating on the tips and then gradually moving down to the centre of the nail I reapplied the glitter and added more to the tipsBefore sealing everything in with a layer of top coatMy favourites are definitely Cinderella Shoes, Your Majesty and I Love Winter

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