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WEIGHT LOSS SURGERY! | Liposuction Surgery

WEIGHT LOSS SURGERY. With you guys might induce brayton walkin separate game city we're gonna be playing another surgery games let's get started I did today I will be showing you guys how to lose 10 pounds in one day using this simple trick that I learned online doctors absolutely hate me for figure this out but I'm not actually an annoying Facebook ad so I have no idea what everybody should you guys how to perform a liposuction surgery which i guess im sure you guys how to lose 10 pounds in one day using this one simple trick that I learned online but its operating two-thirds are into how it worked we are you squads virtual doctors have here and I'll be assisting you with the surgery today what did you do to dog is a minimally temperatures until dr. Jeff guys just look at those eyes she's clearly a killer I should probably pay attention to areas that liposuction is generally performed or the abdomen hips and her and outer thighs flank or love handles .

And arms today will be using the tumescent technique to remove fat deposits from our patient's abdomen I mean obviously tumescent means swollen and firm and when this technique will be injecting such a large volume of the fluid into the fat deposits that are patient's abdomen literally becomes tumescent after injecting the fluid will be using a hollow metal tube called a cannula to break up an essentially vacuum fat deposits out of the body fat out of section is not an alternative to diet and exercise and unfortunately not everyone is a good candidate for liposuction to be a good candidate one must usually be over 18 years old in good general health be within 30 percent of their ideal weight.

And have made an honest attempt at losing weight through dieting and exercise with little success the more you know our patient is not only a great candidate for liposuction she doesn't smoke the recovery process some guys don't do it let's grab an let scrubbing not spelling mark the target area of expertise are patient and ourselves with a clear idea of where will be removing fat deposits are a fantastic all right here we go I mean I'm just going to trace these things and I'm gonna drive this and then I'm gonna drive this my market doesn't actually go where I wanted to and then we're going to put a smiley face right down here we're gonna get our eyes we gonna get them nice and good right there maybe I should give him some eyebrows at all surprised he's like I was not expecting that and we're gonna make his tongue stuck out a little bit cuz he's adorable I would have us picking up the time cuz I thought the guys are properly marked this now I don't I don't think you can do it any better so let's continue on that works great now we need to take photos before and after results are nice sorry take one picture of the front of the patient's abdomen picture of the side ok cool we're just going to take pictures of our patient fantastic that's that's all we will have our patient turned to the side so you can take the second picture got it all right said she nice composition thank you I've been working on my artistic tile in the operating room the next step is to numb the incision points that were going to use to extract the fat deposits give it a try alright I guess I'm just going to stab her with this national need are right here and number up man I totally totally nailed that elect although I like how it doesn't even go where I point to inject the tumescent fluid using infiltration cannula are the ties the target areas and dislodge the fat deposits are easier to sack them out I'm gonna put in her belly but i wanna put it in her belly button that is such a weird thing that will be taken out of context type oh my gosh darn right I will also be taken out of context I don't even know alright let's try this again,

 I'm going to put the needle in her belly yes because I am trying to pump her full of whatever I just did I'm putting the liquid inside oh my dog us everything I say in this stupid game sounds so dirty RA I'm just gonna just not going to talk I'm gonna play the game I'm just going to search your eyes like I'm supposed to and hopefully I won't say anymore things that will be taken a horribly out of context in the future that's that's good if not go there we go with it let me press the button for some reason I like us he's just got like the giant lump center now that's fantastic doctor said it let's begin the labor section alright let's do it used the fat deposits from alright let's vacuum out the fat guys let's do it let's just let 200 that's certainly a noise I don't like it know that north or wonderful side effect I just got a big any other sound effect but that's that's a beautiful that's it's beautiful it's still not as bad as buttering the turkey though that's right we'll think that was by far the worst I have ever heard him like I still have nightmares about a career in the medical field no I don't want action on our patient it's time for recovery oh cool to see true the incisions since they were so small they can heal without sutures fantastic our patient will need to wear a compression garment for two to six weeks ok this comment holds the tissues together control swelling and provides additional support as her body heals she should be able to return to normal activity within a few weeks and there will still be some bruising or dad Dan look at those that may take a little while longer to subside strip its final result of the liposuction will be evident in about one to three months after the surgery although they will see a noticeable difference within days or weeks I mean look at those abs of course there's a difference deposits are gone if the patient does not maintain a proper diet and exercise regimen the remaining fat deposits could enlarge reading irregularities in the patient's abdomen ok and thats abdominal liposuction you've done a fantastic job but thank you doctor says he and another great surgery no here at surgery squad dot com know they do doctors easy I think I have had enough surgery for today I looked like I have successfully completed the liposuction surgery guys enjoyed my amazing surgical skills

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