Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Vegan Weight Loss: Before & After

Before and After Weight Loss. Hey this is Ryan of happy healthy began earlier today and use our computer cleaning up her photo and video libraries and she found some old stuff we shot from about nine to ten years ago and she called me and show me and I was blown away and so was she by how much my appearances change not from aging 10 years obviously more sober talk about how much more different my parents as far as looking puffy imploded all through the phase from having a different lifestyle and diet then as compared to now so anyway let's showing some of this video and we'll try to figure out what was I doing differently then this first clip is when my birthday in 2006 around the Hollywood Bowl about the joy and outdoor concert you see that how much more puppy myspace was back then and here's another shot I think a year later China work off the Dole Whip It Disneyland here's one more thing also from 2007 of me getting.

My Mac Mini get it right so wassup how come I look so much more than a much more throughout the face and body now all I think well you know you're right I see that you run all the time and do all this stuff you're very active I was very active back then too that's why I think physical exercise even though it's important that encourages I don't think that's the be all end all to getting thin and losing weight is back then I was doing lots of basketball and surfing a lot a lot of calories as far from being a sedentary person sit on the couch I was very active yet I'm still quite possibly not able to get rid of that for years diet trucks exercise for weight loss here's a study that originally set up to find prostate cancer and put one group of people in a vegan diet with exercise.

And 18 other group with no change in diet and figure exercise for 45 minutes every day after 15 years the lightly exercising against were at normal weight and the extreme exercise people were still overweight but it's really wants I switched to a high-carb low-fat vegan diet and maintain the exercise are still playing basketball kind of transition to running but the wait worked itself off that puffy face with 2006 and 2007 gone got this nice smell face as you see here is a video from us celebrating Angie's birthday couple weeks ago see the difference in a nice then dealt face if we have one last look at me here from 2006 I tell you how was eating them to his kind of like a cheating vegetarian I would have meet on kind of rare occasion because angie is my girlfriends and wives so you know we never ceased cook and i'm having to so I was pretty much all vegetarian but we ran into the trap that many vegetarians have is that ok you're not eating meat but you're still eating and probably over compensating for that and other animal products namely she's I'd make cheesy pieces all the time we eat goat cheese.

And I have aids almost every day for breakfasts are still getting plenty of animal protein and animal fat which I suspect was the cause of all that bloated this in my face why because finally when I would pull on vegan and 2010 I started noticing that gradual my face a slimming all this stuff that you know putting this I just stubbornly stuck there for years and load Ennis I had in my upper body to started slowly melting away and I didn't change anything else I still kept exercising just as much maybe change sports little bit but still wasn't exercise diet was the huge factor get rid of that last bit of animal products from my diet so post your questions and comments down below let us know share with us your experience shifting a guy from one had mauriat she's and even me to one that's close to me again and let us know if you had a similar experience like me I lost you know maybe twenty odd pounds since those days from 2006 but all started in 2010 when I went vegan share this video with a friend who's struggling with trying to lose weight while still a lot of animal protein and like this video if you got something out of it and also subscribe for more for me and Angie here happy healthy vegan so until next time guys as we always keep it car baby keeping cars

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