Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Obese Welfare Queen Refuse Free Weight Loss Surgery So She Can Work

Weight Loss Surgery. Command but I like to visit over to the you call her I go over to the UK I heard your painting done coming over the last eight she'd been collecting welfare for quite a while she's received about a hundred and twelve how the others in welfare they all miss jones where the surgery in order for losing weight so she can go get it down just because she's on disability because she's actually stand up and go were they are free surgery so she can lose weight in order to go pick a day she's going to happen I like to eat to get reread she gets back in a moment about folders and it is the summer analyst a fucking Ghoshal election go collected just this is what you say this over the surgery she says I'm going under the knife in a bit of a palace take another day or night you go under the knife for anyone because I don't think I'm doing anything wrong entitlement mentality she knows she's gone wrong the only education it is not because she got a real disability she's just as you said I'm not doing anything will and personality it home to give me some sausages and bacon in being the talks have been the most Myanmar.

Weight Loss Surgery

Myanmar houses and break and go home and quote is that one of wall so was it go under the knife let me show you had a trip since Cup pounds of bacon fresh for the night and she gonna get in the present day she can get a job but it may have to go get a job or cut the benefits so did you get the day of surgery all week and then it's up to go to work here to receive $120,000 and well and she's is a merger this year and stuff how Islam as I wanted to go to work she said we gotta agreement you go home to their I'd like to treat you say they are all day day every time I go to the doctors don't tell me I'm going to death she's given day Laxmi some food but none of them that I have a condition making me a lot of water on the other hand by Hootie.

I knew a lady use it to immediate use this got a lot of water I'm gonna call but she was a sweet lady as their water on the mississippi river water in you really thats war in you can see I'm looking a rolls and rolls ocean waves it's it water only she says he got a dish can be losing weight and condition she says I take it past not take away a bit David come up with numbers says he'd skip to see if they don't believe me that I don't eat too much so I get my own ability school leaders can you will be ok that's cool too many tears after you read among all parties involved with the first boyfriend for free would you go on you know you love it generated as them get insurance claim was because you know person even this most understand I'm not gonna see you know we finna go walking trail he don't walk now day you don't go back on some good group of the laundry room temperature broccoli krutick died so much the middle of the lake level she said she came to lose weight is she going under the knife for no one in this season all-you-can-eat buffet Chinese people come to cover all the agency governor for you know all you can eat for you no no no for you everybody else on in 20 mins Lisa uk kamagra going there what i'm talking about she says I would like to judy has a long way since the doctor tells you to go down she's amidst the overweight but she doesn't own the first day in order to solve problems you got to meet you get what I heard what I heard of it tena means you gotta promise that shows you gotta work she says is a pretty good said she got that putting this, Weight Loss Surgery .

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