Monday, March 7, 2016

Weight Loss Journey Week 1 Update & Healthy Meal Ideas

Hi! It's Jolene from Yummy Inspirations and I'm here to give you my one week weight lossjourney update. Before I do that I'm going to share with you a couple of myfavorite meals from the week.Here you go!I've really gotten into making pasta salads the last few days. Today I've got a big pasta salad. There's spinach hiding underneath and a whole lot of different tomatoes and that looks like celery butit's actually bok choy and drizzledover of olive oil and vinegar, wine vinegar and better that's my big healthysalad for lunch todaythis week when I've been feeling snacky I've been making popcorn boys love popcorn, I love popcorn we all love popcornIt's just really easy snack on the stovetopreally quickly with half a cup of corn kernels and 2 tablespoons coconut oilI will leave the recipe link below. So that has been my go to snack the last couple of days.

I made these salads in a jar purely because we are running out of vegetables. It's groceryshopping day tomorrow and I thought I'd quickly make up some salads in a jar for dinner. It's aboiling hot Melbourne day 38.8 degrees when I checked the weather just before so we willbe having salad in jars for dinner. The bottom layer is cucumberdraw draw a drizzle olive oiland apple cider vinegar. About a tablespoon of olive oil and teaspoon of apple cider vinegarshake of salt and have topped with chopped tomatoes, feta and spinach.just a really simple quickly thrown together.

This is like veggie leftovers kindof salad in a jar. So that's what i got today.I you follow my channel you'll know that I love breakfast for dinner! We'll have fried eggs andall kinds of veggies for dinner. Tonight I'm having crispy turmeric fried potatoes and sauteed spinach. Can;t wait to getinto it but just how to video it quickly. if you'd like the recipe for these crispy turmeric potatoes let me know in the comments below and I will film a videorecipe for youok well I tracked every day every meal every day I track and as I mentioned inlast week's video I find that when I track that I lose weight and so that's what I did I lostone kiloan even one kilo over the course of the week that's 2.2 pounds.I'm very happy with that it's a lot more weight loss than last year I'm very happyhappy with a half a kilo to a kilo a week that is a healthy weight loss.

I wasn't hungryand in that time I've tried to really intuitively think when I was hungry I ate, when I wasn'thungry I didn't eat .I tried not to snack or binge on anything. I definitely hadsweets. I had ice cream. it's very hot here at the moment in Melbourne. I've had sweets and icecream. We went out for one meal through the week and aside from that I home-cooked all of my mealssome of my favorite meals I just showed you before but it was just really allhome cooking. I was recipe testing some recipes comingto the blog soon. Otherwise it's just been a really good week. I did yoga six out of seven days. The other days it just sort of didn't happen.So that's fine.Just loving yoga. That's what I'm doing to move.I've got an active lifestyle with the kids. I'm home with them, always on the go with them.So that is how the week has gone. So a really positive start. I'm really optimistic.Maybe not keeping up with a kilo a week. That's maybe too much.For the first week I'm happy. Half a kilo to a kilo I'm happy with going forward.And I will keep you posted. 

I am just someone who likes to write,especially writing about diet programs. Thanks For Reading My Blog

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