Monday, March 7, 2016

My weight loss journey (Week 7)

Hello everybody I'm Stu Unwin it's currently Sunday the twenty-eighth of February 2016and welcome to week 7 of my weight loss journey.In last weeks video you saw I had a disappointing weigh in result where I only lost 0.7 pound 0.3 kilogram and my BMI (Body Mass Index) went from 68.3 to 68.2so it was a disappointing week not what I was expecting.I've had a very busy week....unfortunately again most of that busy week has been sat behind a deskbut I have done my upmost to fit in as many steps as possibleand you can see the rest of my weekly steps, here.This means my average is there about the same at 1608 stepsthis means I've done 9 steps less then the previous week.

For my diet I've continued to have salads...but because they are starting to get a bit boring now with the same thing over and over againI've started to incorporate some extra ingredients such as chopped peppers, chopped carrots,sweetcorn, beetroot so to give it a bit more flavour, bit more interesting.

Because I don't want to loss interest and...start going down the wrong pathon the days where I've not had salad I have had a sandwich and compared to what I use to dofor my sandwiches, where I probably use to have....four or five slices of bread for sandwiches and now I'm just having two slices of breadso I've made a big cut down there and on my sandwich I usually have either sliced turkey or chickenor corned beef...with either some kind of pickle or salad cream.For the evening meal I've either been having...another salad or I've been having a Weight Watchersready beef or chicken hot pot...which is very tasty.And of course I've been having plenty of fruit; apples, melon, blackberries, blueberriesand low fat yogurt as well.If you have suggestions of what other food I should be trying..please let me know.It's time of the week where we find out if I've lost any weight...

Heres my weigh in.I now weigh 231.7 kilograms which is the equivalent of 510.8 pounds or in my money 36 stone 6.8 poundsthis means I've lost 1.7 kilograms or 3.8 poundswhich is a lot better then last week..and as I've been saying for many weeks now I want to keep an averageof 2 or 3 pounds weight loss per week, so I've done slightly better then what I'm wanting to do as an averagebut I'm pleased with this result.This weight loss means that I'm now 43.6 percent complete on achieving my first weight loss targetTherefore in the seven weeks I've been doing this journey I have lost:13.8 kilograms which is the equivalent of 30.5 pounds or 2 stone 2.5 pounds in my money.This also means; that my Body Mass Index (BMI) has gone from 68.2 down to 67.7so I'm still within substantially heavy BMI classification,'s another step down in the right direction.Thank you all for your continued support and really positive feedback you've been leaving really does make a big difference and it is keeping me motivated to continue this journeyand as always if your would like to continue seeing hopefully less of mewhy don't you subscribe to my channel, so that you don't get to miss out on any future videos that I post.Have a great week, and I'll see you again next Sunday.

I am just someone who likes to write,especially writing about diet programs. Thanks For Reading My Blog

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