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Markus Weight Loss Special Epic Finale

Loss series in this time it's me personally markets Rob Krentz get ready I save the most intense for last okay weight loss brace yourselves you're about to be hit with a nuclear blast the information weight problems have become an epidemic for the first time cover more people will die from obesity than starvation people try to defend themselves and validate the situation by saying things like victoria Secret models are underweight and show women unrealistic ideals and then looking like that is impossible women think model starve themselves that it's genetic that they do drugs to stay thin well maybe someone do but surely they must be doing on healthy things to look like that people for got healthy looks like yes being thin does not mean healthy seen people can still be fat on the inside in just as unhealthy as overweight people it's not as simple as simply burning off calories through exercise or physical exertion it's a little more complex than that many of the skinny fat people are actually pre-diabetic their thing on the outside but fat on the inside watch the movie fed up head blows the lid of one the biggest conspiracies in america ex-president Bill Clinton comes forward in this I opening documentary and explains how difficult it is for even the government to stop the power of trillion-dollar companies like coca-cola Nestle pepsi Kellogg's Kraft Hershey Sara Lee and many others karen.

I've never counted calories this movie helps explain why that's a waste a time people think it costs more to eat healthier but that's just not true you can eat healthier for less simply eating less and exercising more its helps

But it doesn't work for a lot of people there are obese people who are starving themselves are still gaining weight in fact eating a modern diet are processed food is starving oneself because modern process food has almost no nutritional value it's not simply about how many calories you eat you can get your daily mcalary simply by swallowing glass in corn oil but obviously that's not healthy to little more than so such the matter calories in calories out are to Calais some almonds does not have the same effect on your body is a 150 calories love sold out of bread almost everyone claims dayy right but the truth is almost nobody knows what healthy eating really is they think eating whole grain bread is healthy they think 0 calories or low-fat or fat-free mean healthier choices people want things faster and cheaper in San gratification inconveniences everything to them it's much easier to open a box of cereal they eat real food found in nature there's no watching appealing a preparing we convince ourselves that anything crunchy and sweet is considered food then there are those who claim to be ninety percent rock what the other 10 percent where the Chi with everyone

Has a weakness of some kind everyone and that is where all the difference in the world is made down the road it's human nature to see what we can get away with that's normal okay first the ball stop looking for something magical to take and give you the results you want without changing the addictive things that got you in this mess in the first place the definition of insanity is to continue doing the same thing and expecting different results so let's get right to it yes it's true that if he simply eat less and move your body more you will lose weight sure starving yourself will probably lead to weight loss but eventually your body will probably shut down and die because they just doesn't have all the many things it needs to function properly you need proper nutrition wasn't always the case with a number of world war two american prisoners captured by the Japanese in the South Pacific were amazed how healthy they were when they stop eating meat bread and potatoes were forced to live off rice water and basic plan food from the jungle they lost the series in a way but we're amazed how many other health problems actually went away despite being super thin the first thing you must realize his it's not how much you eat as what you eat two dates will give you more nutrition and three bowls of pasta let me make this clear right away there is no magic pill you can't be lazy e crap takes a magic urban expect your body to look like vs you are designed to function.

Live it eat a certain way and if you don't he'll pay the price okay so what is fact aside from unused food being stored in the body it's something your body creates to protect you from something toxic and I don't just mean toxic food I mean thoughts and emotions to there is some kind of blockage in your life your body you're SOL either physical mental or emotional in your body is the physical manifestation and result of how you feel what you allow in and the choices you make that's why many people especially women gain weight when they break up to get depressed run down the field guilty and they take on the weight of the world on their body and shoulders stress creates cortisol the death for my own which creates fact the thyroid creates hormones that regulate body weight but when you run down the thyroid become sluggish and you start gaining weight added that other things that kill the thyroid like drinking at a plastic bottles to thanks raise mammograms microwaves eating microwave food cell phone stress sugar not getting enough sleep eating meat and other things the modern lifestyle and you're setting yourself up for disaster yes you can eat see we which is a healthy source in my dining minerals to help the thyroid but you must get rid all been stopped the causes daughter weakening it in the first place I mention sleep if you know get proper sleep you're gonna gain weight because a rundown body is a stressed-out body in a straw cell body is weak full court is all and gains weight lack of sleep slows down metabolism which leads to weight gain to get proper sleep stop eating three or four hours before bed there's no excuses seven-percent the body's energy goes to digestion saddam make your body work when he should be sleeping those late night snacks are shortening your life and making you fat go to bed by nine or 10.

If you can no later than 11 in scientific studies people who slept eight to 10 hours lost double the way on those who only slept five to six hours and those who slept more retained more muscle well those who slept less loss muscle engage in fact if you wanna lose fat you need to drink lots of water a gallon a day a classis water increases your body's ability to rid itself of fat in a way spike eighty percent lot sometimes when people feel dehydrated their body is actually sending them confusing messages are being hungry when instead they should be drinking water does making the way problem even worse was a boon said drinking water like yes first Rui raw food no bread pasta pizza cereal cookies burritos tacos rice potatoes sugar mill cheeser anything we were flour wheat all-star just turn into sugar in the body in sugar becomes fact this include honey agave coconut syrup and even fruit juice fruit has fiber which slows down the absorption of sugar into the body so eating whole fruit is fine but when you take the fiber out with juicing you're drinking as much concentrated sugar as commercial soft drinks one ATL class orange juice has 22 grams of sugar 22 grams glass of orange juice when drinking any kind sweet liquid because there's no fiber it doesn't go through the normal digestive process to the stomach it goes straight through to the portal system to deliver we deliver gets a big sugar rush blood sugar rises a warning signal is sent to the pancreas we secrete insulin which immediately turns to sugar into fat if you're working out its okay but most people don't a course a glass or and she's won so while I was gonna kill you or do any harm but anyone who can seems lots of fruit juice regularly needs to understand this which include raw food s eating fruit whole or blending is fine because it contains the fiber which slows down the absorption sugar in the body and the calories in energy lasts a lot longer so eating sweet stuff like a pie in May another Pineapple Carrot is OK just don't do some people think fat is the culprit for getting fat so the cut out all fats not understanding there are good fats in bad fats and oils the good ones are like nazi zombie Cotto's coconut flax which we need and bad fats which obviously we should be avoiding like fried stuff refined oils any kind of heated oil did not heed your oils eating lotsa coconut oil can actually help you lose weight every cell in your body requires lipids fats low-fat diets can actually be dangerous the real enemy here more than anything is sugar and I'm not talking about fruit in its natural state i'm talking about. isolated sugar that's been added to food high fructose corn syrup agave honey fruit juice fruit juice concentrate cane juice barley malt brown sugar dextrose sucrose maltose lactose multidex trimmed my glasses ricer absorb it all too much sugar up any form is dangerous even if high fructose corn syrup is replaced with natural cane sugar it's still sugar just one soda increases your risk of diabetes by 22 percent increases OBC rest by 60 percent so people look for food that has little or no fat but without fats or oils taste terrible taste like cardboard salt to make up for that the food companies compensate by adding more sugar which in the long run is much worse for you then track there is sugar in almost all commercial foods nowadays sugar is poison it is toxic in feeds pathogens like East Mall fungus bacteria viruses parasites and makes cancer grow like crazy to what they use in lab sugar in petri dishes to grow viruses but the most ironic part by sugar in what many people understand is the fact that sugar chains in the fat in the body all-star kiss turn into sugar in the body which turns into fat the worst arches are the process unnatural want bread pasta serial pizza cookies anything made with wheat or flower cooked rice potatoes anything like that that start turns and sugar in the body products nowadays have half the fat butt double sugar which again turns into fat in the body sugar is poison it is toxic to the liver metabolic diseases associated with obesity are driven by sugar 190 billion a year diabetes heart disease these lipid problems strokes cancer a can of coca-cola has nine and three quarters teaspoons of sugar but one are Douala super food fruit juice drink has the same amount of sugar nine-and-a-half one couple pure-play yogurt has six and a half teaspoons of sugar the same as two bags of candy one Luna Bar has three and a half teaspoons sugar the same as three Oreo cookies one prego 100 percent natural spaghetti sauce as twelve and a half teaspoons of sugar the same as two bags and Eminem's watch the movie fed up it will explain all this in more detail this is serious even former President Bill Clinton came forward to talk about this america is still insufficiently alert to the damage we are doing long-term to our collective health by too much sugar intake all the way children are dying of heart attacks eight-year-olds are having strokes children are getting type 2 diabetes you think all adult onset diabetes and it was unheard of for children to get this process starches are as bad as sugars bread white rice potatoes products cereals are digested into glucose literally in an instant in the digestive tract you can t cornflakes with no added sugar are you can eat sugar we know cornflakes and in my case different but once they're in your body they're the same thing researchers oppressing University found that when given a choice cocaine addicted rats chose sugar water over cocaine

I added 10 times sugar is more addictive in dangerous than cocaine eat times more addictive than cocaine food addiction Isr*el the brain lights up the same with sugar as it does with cocaine starting your baby early on we should reform 11 foods fruit juices and stuff like that they will become addicted the food industry knows this in their branding children from the very beginning to keep buying their products for the rest of their lives many baby formula especially lactose-free formulas they substitute with sucrose the sugar industry you several senators to block the World Health Organization from releasing their findings that sugar is the number one cause obesity and metabolic diseases keen issues with diabetes are well-known elevated levels and insulin during early stages and type 2 diabetes are from injections rupture the micro blood vessels in the body causing tissue damage or death this includes the kidneys that means no more bread pasta pizza or anything made with flour or wheat stop serial stop milk animal products stop as much good food as you can stop all alcohol it turns into sugar in your body stop all caffeine soldiers and stimulants any stress in your life they bring out your dreams and thyroid leading away game okay to now that you stop all that now you need to clean up the mess that you created inside your body getting enema bag forget a buncha colonics drink a gallon of water a day to day classes this is more important than eating food do a real water fast if you can then do a green juice fast no produces then move on a green smoothies and finally Rob plan to we have dramatically Joseph Hill transformed when he read my book yourself 11 in a only fresh raw on coke plant food including a lot smaller oils and fats like coconut oil avocados nuts and seeds recipes get the books yourself 101 in love wanna play beyond cookbook that show you how to make awesome healthy versions of your favorite foods like garlic non chocolate cake and even pizza but without any wheat or flour or dairy very little sweetener only fresh plant food not heated over 118 Greeson don't think you have to sacrifice anything by eating right this tastes so much pressure and better than the John conversions it'll blow your mind start exercising moving your body dancing swimming bike riding hiking running even is doing lotsa lotsa walking whatever just do it muscles burn fat and the best fat burning exercise method is not jogging for long periods of time it's called interval training where you put yourself as hard as you possibly can for twenty to thirty seconds and then take it easy in a push yourself again for 20-30 seconds and so on so your honor swimmer job as fast as you can for 20-30 seconds then Walker rest for 30 seconds can do it again for 23 seconds any do this ten times I'll explain is more in another video never too busy to your running or anything while the best exercise you can you right there on the spot in your officer at home is jump squats re squat down any John Barton is quite down any jump up ten times do this three times several times a day also lunges this is where you take a huge steps with uni-t almost touching the ground go like this to the other into the room where the house and turn around and come back the same way do this several times a day the bigger the muscle groups you use the more fat you burn on here some motivation Easter exercises gave you are the best thing you can do for firming up your butt getting a great-looking rent along with intermittent exertion you should also be doing intermittent fasting where you eat what you want for 8 hours each day and then nothing but water for 16 hours do this every day and watch your body magically transform.

I'll be doing a video on that too as for eating the general rule is to eat fewer calories in your body uses so we can start using fat for energy not your food care and I don't count calories and have no idea how much to eat the day we follow your intuition but counting calories may help some love you and do not cut out all fats coconut oil for example actually helps you lose weight while giving you lots of energy because its high levels of medium-chain triglycerides also get your Omega central fatty acids from things like who does oil flaxseed 30 is Cesar ham seeds he like to see we'd like my CMOS they help rebuild the thyroid which boosts energy and metabolism which burns fat and make you dinner and happier take magnesium to help the stress in calcium absorption take my night formula to help rebuild the hormones and reduce your stress and help you sleep better and take my wild boar sperm or vitamin C to help rebuild your adrenal speaking at least 20 minutes the sunlight a day for vitamin D K in hiring a sweating is good for you eat lots of fiber like apple celery fruit and salads for do i do a silly for all a blender take my green formula in the morning but that the blender to you'll give me so much energy nutrition you won't be hungry for five hours clean your liver one of the main reasons people are overweight is that they're toxic and the body creates fat to store toxins delivers the body's filter and it backs up when there's too many toxins the liver is your strongest ally in losing weight better foods help strengthen in clean liver so get my liver formula in consume more better stuff like dandelions watercress ms salmon and dives and less sweet stuff take 2 tablespoons of lecithin granules with each meal less it then is a fat emulsifier it binds the fat with water so we can be carried out on the body keep their calling clean and moving drink lotsa water do animals use my colon formula exercise whatever just do it then if you really wanna help speed things along throw some bags ice in a bathtub full a cold water and sit in it for 10 to 15 minutes a day athletes do this all the time to heal faster grow muscles and lose and burn fat fast or stand in the shower an alternate hot and ice-cold water every 30 seconds for five minutes once or twice a day do not skip any of these steps Indo look for shortcuts you can't cheat nature you can simply take some art like arsenio and expect results while you're still eating bread drinking fruit juice and seeing around all day on the internet or on your cell phone get off your ass move your body and drink lotsa water have the courage to lose the stress in your life when your stress levels are lower you burn fat whereas stress creates court is always creates fat can lead to heart attacks if you don't know how to reduce care to take a chance and move forward in life their read my book instructions for a new life or the prosperity secret get rid of the negative people in your life and start kicking ass don't need for three to four hours before bed and get to sleep by 10 if you want to start losing fat stop using food as a reward in start using what you see in me near as a reward in if you want all what I just said something up in a book reveal yourself 11 have following without cheating he will be the best move you ever make in your life I may call this a simple as possible see you can start getting results right away but you must find within yourself first the courage to let go love you reductions to bread meat sugar milk and cheese stress comfort security and fear and leap into the excitement a borough of New life a life unlimited potential where you can finally shining I'll be waiting on the other side of the river with open arms to welcome you know some now roll up your sleeves and get to it right now do

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