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Top 6 Korean Skincare Products for Acne & Oily Skin

Today I'll be talking about myTop 6 Skincare Products that I Cannot Love Withoutbut before I get started I'll be talkinga liitle bit about my skin type.First, I have an oily skin type which meansthat I produce a lot of oil, I have a lot of sebumand my skin is actually quite acne prone.For about 1 or 2 years now I've been using the10-step Korean Skincare Routineand I've changed it, I've modified it so that itfits well with my skin type and thatit works for me! ^^So, without further ado, let's get started! ^^The first product I'll be sharing with you guys is Etude House's AC Clinic Daily Acne Foam Cleanser Cleansing is the first and most basic step to getting clean and clear skin.

If you wear make up you should remove it first,followed by a cleanser to wash your faceI love Etude House's AC Clinic Daily Acne Cleanseras its perfect for people acne and oily skin like me.,It gets rid of excess sebum and oil,it calms acne and soothes skin,and it doesn't block pores and cause more acne.I usually wet my face with water,squeeze abut 1cm of product outmake lather with my hands and wash my facein circular motions.

If you have extra cash,I definitely suggest investing in a cleansing brushand another tip that I have is not to use your towel to dry your face.Use a cotton pad instead!Your towel has fibers which have dust,which may lead to more breakouts.After cleansing, follow up with a toner.Next on the list is Missha's Time RevolutionThe First Treatment Essence.An essence is basically a booster andit affects the skin on a cellular levelIt also helps other products absorb better into the skin.I really like this essence as it helps to hydrateand moisturize my skinIt's also made my skin firmer and tighter.To use this essence,take 2-3 drops of essence onto your palmand press into your skin until it's fully absorbed.Next I'll be talking about Laneige's Water Bank Eye Gel.This eye product is a gel type productfor energizing the eyes during the dayand soothing tired eyes at night.It's a bit pricey but it's definitely a good investmentespecially for preventing wrinkles.A little goes a long way and I actually put too much in this videobut you should just tale a small pea-sized amountand dab it along your orbital bone area.

Next is The Face Shop's Clean Face Spot Corrector.This product is a scar fading gel and it's perfectfor getting rid of old acne scars.Take a small amount, apply it on a scarand rub the product in a circular motion for at least20 seconds.For this product to work, it's important to be diligent andand to keep using it religiously if you want to see results.If you notice in this video I use a lot of gel productsand it's because gel products work really well with oily skin.(PS. I sound tired because I was sick when I recorded this lol)Next I'll be talking about It's Skin's Power 10 SeriesYE Effector.This serum is from the Power 10 lineand I actually have a few of them. Serums are designed to be jam packed with vitaminsand each serum is designed for a specific purpose.This yeast serum is good for promoting cell growthwhich helps brighten the skin and gets rid of acne scars as well.Squeeze a drop on your cheeks, forehead, nose and chinand rub the product until its absorbed.(I had to retake this part because I forgot to pressthe record button the first time XD)Last but not least is Nature Republic'sSoothing & Moisturizing 92% Aloe Vera Soothing Gel.This product is a multi-purpose gel productthat can act as a soothing mask or a moisturizer.It can also act as a hair mask! (Or even lotion!)It's really good at hydrating the skinand it's also great at soothing my skin,especially when I have breakouts.It's also my go-to product when I'm lazy!(Which is almost everyday lol)Take an appropriate amount of gel and spread it evenlyonto your face.

*Thumbs up if you know where this OST is from!*I usually sleep with this mask and wake up toawesome skin!Skincare Products

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