Monday, March 21, 2016

Best Beauty Products 2016

Best Beauty Products. My skin has been incredible lately... ever since I picked up my Clarisonic. I wanted to see if my skin could do without my Clarisonic so for an entire month, I didn't use it and It did not do a good job so, after day three of using my Clarisonic at night, my skin came back and went back to normal. Clarisonic is my first favorite of the month because within three days, my skin was amazing. This is what I've been using to take off all of my makeup and you don't need a lot. I've been pairing it with these... These are just baby wipes I got from Target and we just decided to try out cucumber this time. You just take a wipe and pour it on there and go to town all over my face. Legit, only one swipe around my face takes everything off but I do go a second time for any eye makeup like mascara or to go around my hairline because that is very important. For eye cream, I've been using the Tibetan Goji Berry eye cream. I got this in my fabfitfun box. I haven't really noticed a difference but I have noticed its not as dry under that area. 

Because, allergy season is here and I've been watering my eyes out! I've been using this to hydrate and it does a good job at hydrating but I don't know about wrinkles or anything... they are still there. This is called Gorge make you look amazing daily spray. It's a leave in conditioner and it's a weird consistency. It makes my hair feel so soft, which I can appreciate. Sometimes my hair will feel like straw. I don't know what it is but I've been loving this. 

For makeup, let's move onto makeup. The fist one is a makeup brush and this is from Luxie beauty called the 508 duo fiber stippling brush. I do not like to apply my foundation with a stippling brush. I've tried and I remember back int he day when youtube stated, all the girls were using Duo fiber and stippling and swirling and doing everything on the face. I don't like it for liquid foundation. I like a sponge and a dense packed brush to apply it but duo fiber with liquid foundation, I just don't like it. I have been using this for powder because I have an issue. I will apply makeup to my face and when I apply a setting powder... say I bake. It looks very heavy and then everything is super light so I feel like I have to wear more makeup so it can match what it looks like under my eyes. It's not dry or anything... but you can tell that I have full coverage makeup on. To prevent that, I've been using this duo fiber brush and I've been dipping it into the powder and stippling it on and it gives me a light coverage if that makes since. 

I've been trying out the It Cosmetics CC+ cream and this has SPF50 which is incredible because you know I love that. A CC cream is like a BB cream but a CC cream has a bunch of benefits that will help your skin and a BB cream is just a light and tinted thing? I had the pleasure of trying this one out, this is more of a light to medium coverage. It's not full coverage for my skin. The colors are a little off though... This one is a little... it's not red or yellow but it makes my face look like it's dirty. So I have to mix a custom cover drop or a foundation like a makeup forever foundation for instance. Just a little bit to it will neutralize the color otherwise, it's gray on my skin. I have a selfie palette... it's called love your selfie. I've been using it for the past two weeks I think. I just like it because you don't have to put it back in I have a bunch of neutral eyeshadow colors, this bronzer is amaze by the way. The blush is awesome and it has an illuminating highlighter. Mascara and lipgloss because I've been getting back into shiny lip glosses. And this is much more easier for me and convenient for me currently. I don't have time to beat the face all the time. Two other products 'Ive been using the Maybelline fit mistake foundation in the color 355 coconut. 

Ten from Miss maven used this in one of her makeup tutorials and she influenced me into getting it because it looked so good on her. I wanted to try it and I was hoping the color would work and it did so thank you so much to Teni if you 're watching! Thank you so much! I love you! And that you for using this because you got me on this and it's amazing! For my lips, I used this in my get ready with me tutorial and this is the Covergirl Oh sugar lip balm in the color Taffy. It's like a lipstick but tinted in a balm. It feels so nice on the lips! You guys can check out that tutorial and Ill link the products and that video down below! Another favorite would be my website! I worked really hard on it and I did so much! My website crashed 3 times due to traffic and I finally got it up! I'm hoping it doesn't crash again! Please don't let it crash! But I finally got it up and it is so pretty! I recommend that you guys go check it out! 

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