Monday, March 21, 2016

How to Make Vietnamese Iced Coffee - easy recipe

Greetings my lovelies! Hi, it's Emmy! Welcome back to another "Emmy How-to" recipe. Today I'm going to show you howtomakethis: it's Vietnamese Iced Coffee. So this is a perfect summertime treat: icy-cold and delicious! And super-lovely and sweet. The one piece of equipment you'll need is this: and it is a Vitenamese coffee filter. Vietnamese friends please pardon my terrible Vietnamese, but I think it's called a "phin," or "pin." So it's a little filter and it makes your nice, concentrated coffee. So, let's go in the kitchen and I'll show you how it's done! So, these are the ingrediants you're going to need: you're gonna need some ice, condensed milk, coffee beans,coffeefilter,anda glass. So next you're gonna grind up your beans, and you're going to grind them for about the same texture as you would use for a French press; so, you want them to look something like this. Okay, next you're going to take your filter, and take it apart: here's the lid; here's the press; and then this is thebase. In your mixing glass, add some condensed milk " add as little or as much as you like. 

I use about a table spoon. Next we're going to add our coffee grounds to our filter; give it a little shake to settle everything down. And then you're going to tamp down the grounds. In my particular design you have to twist it; so twist it about two turns; not all of them are designed this way " if yours doesn't twist then you'll just press it tightly. 

Then place the entire filter on top of your mixing glass. And then you're going to add about a tablespoon of your hot water " and this just helps the coffee expand. Wait about 30 seconds " and if you have a twisty variety like mine, then you're going to untwist it a couple turns and then fill up the filter with hot water. Place the cap; and then wait for the coffee to slowly drip into the condensed milk below. Once the coffee is brewed, then you're going to remove the filter... And then use a little spoon to mix up the condensed milk and the coffee together. Then pour this glorious concoction over a nice glass of ice! Enjoy! As some of you may know, I usually drink my coffee black, but this is where I make the exception " because itis sostinkin'delicious! Be careful though: it's highly, highly addictive. Kanpai! It is so good! And as you can see there's still some condensed milk at the bottom. It is sweet and creamy and icy cold but you've still got a lot of coffee flavor. And you can find these little filters at your Asian market " usuallyfor lessthanfivebucks " but, yeah, highly recommended. And I love the way that you make it " it's kind of slow and just beautiful to watch. Yeah. So let me know in the comments below how you have your coffee " do you like it iced? do you put sugar in it milk? what? Let me know. 

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