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Stamping Sticker Tutorial - Nail Art Dutch Patterns

You must have heard about the Dutch tulips.But there are other things associated with the Netherlands.Like windmills, and the delft blue, which is a traditional handcrafted earthenware, with blue handpaint ings. This type of earthenware was most famous in the 17th-18th century, but it is well known even today.So no wonder why it sometimes appears on nails, too!Norka will show you now, how you can easily prepare nail design in this Delft Blue style.Once the nails are prepared, we apply gel polish No. 65 in two coats on the little and index finger andalso on the thumb. This is going to be one of our base colours this time.The other base colour will be a natural white or ivory colour, Moyra Fuse No. 23 gel polish.

As this gel polish is rather thick, we recommend to apply the first layer on the nail with a gel brush.In order to prevent the gel from flowing, we should cure the nails one by one for a couple of seconds.Then one the second layer is applied, cure it to hard in 2 minutes.Once the nails are cured, we paint French end with Moyra Fuse No. 23 on those nails where we previouslyapplied a natural nailbed colour. We paint this end with Moyra No. 00 brush.We cure this French end for 2 minutes.Then we cover these nails with 2 in 1 Base and Top Coat......and cure them for two minutes.Then we remove the sticky layer with Moyra cleanser.

We lightly buff the nails to get a matte surface.We start the decoration with stamping from the plate No.03, called Ornaments.First we thoroughly wipe the plate with acetonfree nail polish remover.We put some blue stamping polish on the tulip design.We scrape the excess nail polish, pick up the design and stamp on the nail. Now we have to clean the stamper and the plate and then stamp the same design on the ring finger, but in the opposite direction. As the stamped nail polish dries in a couple of seconds, we can apply the 2 in 1 Base and Top Coat and cure for 2 minutes. Just to be sure, lets apply a second layer of this gel polish top.

Don't worry, this top gel will not drag the design.But of you stamp on nail polish, make sure you use the stamping top coat to close your design.We cure the second layer for also 2 minutes and then cleanse it.We decorate the rest of the nails with SuperShine No. 517.For these fine lines we recommend the nail art brush No. 00.Once the decoration is all cured, remove the nail polish from the skin with acetonfree nail polish remover. For area close to the nail use a flat brush.We paint similar decoration on the other fingers, too.Finally we decorate the stamped nails, too and cure them to hard.Then treat the cuticle skin with a fair amount of cuticle oil.Now Norka will show you some more Dutch designs on tips with a special technique.

We will need a sticky surface so we apply 2 in 1 Base and Top gel polish, but do not remove the sticky layer once it has cured. Like tulips, windmills are also symbols of the Netherlands.You may find a windmill on the Globetrotter nail plate.We put blue stamping polish on the design, scrape the excess and pick up the design with the stamper.And here comes the trick! :)Do not stamp the design on the nail, but wait a couple of seconds until it dries on the stamper head.Then we cover it with stamping polish top coat.The top coat dries in about 3 minutes. Make sure you wait until it is completely dries.Then we carefully peel off the design from the stamper head and cut it around.After that we press this decal into the sticky layer of the 2 in 1 Base Coat.Make sure that there is no air stuck below the decal.Put the tip into UV lamp for a couple of seconds so it would better stick into the sticky layer.Then cover the design with gel polish top.Cure it for 2 minutes then cleanse it.After that, we decorate it with SuperShine No. 517, cure it for 2 minutes and our Dutch design decoration is done! :)

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