Saturday, March 5, 2016

Nail Design 2016 || Black And White Nail Art - Nails With Various Techniques

At the end of last year Moyra Hungary organized a nail stamping competition and Ms. Maria Maszlag's wonderful work became the winner. The certificate of merit and the prize was handed over to her by one of our Moyra trainers, Norka. Congratulations! :) Nail stamping was a new challenge for our winner because she had not tried it before. But - as she says - it became love at first sight. :) Now Marcsi is creating a nail art in front of our camera. It is going to be a stamped decoration in black and white colours. She is decorating her daughter's nails, which are already built from clear gel. She is painting colour transition with white SuperShine gel and Moyra 3D brush on the pinky, index fingerand on the thumb. As the frist layer is applied, she puts it into uv lamp for half a minute.

Then she continues working on the colour transition with tapping moves, advancing towards the endof thenail. There is no colour transition on the ring and middle fingers, as decorations will be more visiblewithoutit. After the second layer is applied, lets cure it to hard in about 2 minutes. This gel is highly pigmented, therefore it covers the nail perfectly in even one layer. For painting we use Vamp Striper brush. After 2 minutes of curing, we are going to continue with working with Moyra nail plate No. 15, called Lacelove. First we wipe both the plate and the stamper head with aceton-free nail polish remover. We suggest to wipe it with dry lint-free wiper, too.

Then we stamp the lace design in white onto the nails with colour transition, and smooth off theedges ofthe design. And remember, you need to clean the plate and stamper head before every stamping. For the next design we are going to need the Moyra Shape Card No. 01. With the help of this card we can cut our design to smaller. So we apply the silver stamping polish, scrape it. Place the shape card on the plate, pick up the deisgn through the card, then stamp it on the black free edge. Making sure that it follows the arc of the nail. Using the same steps, we stamp the lace on the middle finger, too. Did you know that insulation tape can be very helpful even in nail art? It can save a lot of cleaning. We would like to stamp close to the edges of the index finger. So we cut out the shape of the nail and then use the rest of the tape to cover the parts where wewould not like to stamp. You do not need to worry, the tape will not take the previously applied designs.

And now the curved stamping designs from plate No. 03. can come in black to the nails with colourtransitions. There is still some stamping to come. Now a small butterfly will fly onto Bernadett's ring finger! Now we continue with decorating the middle finger. We apply some brush-on top gel on the nail, and level it off with an orange woodstick. Then we place some stones on the top gel. We put the nails under UV lamp for 2 minutes, so the stones would well cure into the gel. Then we clean off the nail polish from the skin with aceton-free nail polish remover. Then we cover the nail with 2 layers of top gel. There is no need to cover the stones, because it may fade some of the shine. The first layer we only cure for 10-20 seconds. Then we cure the second layer to hard in about 2 minutes. After it is cured we paint some tendrils with black SuperShine gel and a Moyra No. 00 brush. It is advised to put the design under UV lamp for some moments a couple of times during painting. You can never have enough tendrils! :) Now we are painting some more with white SuperShine gel. And finally, after curing the decorations for 2 minutes, we treat the skin with cuticle oil. And our white and black nail art is done.

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