Saturday, March 5, 2016

Nail Design 2016 | Babies Bloomer - Acrylic almond shape nail

Hi, I'm kirsty meakin from naio nails, I'm going to show you how to do a babies bloomers nail design using acrylic powder. So for this design, the babies bloomers, we're going to use the peachy dream, which is a gorgeous peachy pink, then you've got blush pink, which we're going to use to cap and then we've got the soft pastel pink which is going to be the free edge. First of all I'm just going to pop a little bit of clear on this stress area. Now I've already prepped this tip and fitted the sculpting form, you can check out the videos for those in the description area, so just put your clear right on that contact area, right where that free edge starts, blend it out, it's just going to act as a little bit of support. Then you've got your soft pastel pink, bleed the bead, place the bead at the furthest away area, so your longest point of the nail and then start to blend this back. 

I'm going to do it just a soft almond shape, then we're going to get peachy dream on now, so get a bead and go right at the back by the cuticle area. So when you come to blend it over you're just going to use quite a wet ratio. Just going to make sure that the apex is built up enough here. Tiny little bit of pastel pink, you can just sweep that back over slightly, just to help that blend. 

That's the whole look of the babies bloomer is it fading into the natural colour at the end of the tip rather than having a harsh white. So now we're going to cap this nail with pink blush, this is a transparent pink. Using the pink blush instead of clear because it adds more of a pink tone to the nail as well. So we're going to do the same filing routine, up the side walls. Need to make sure that it matches the side wall of the natural nail. 

Then we're going to go round the cuticle area, angling the file, then we're going to come down the entire nail. Going to buff that now, make that nice and smooth. The pink's that pale that it's almost like a soft white and that's the kind of colour that we really need to do a babies bloomer design. Going to wipe over that nail with some acetone, just to get rid of any bits of dust and also just to smooth that surface. Now you could leave it like that, you could add some stones, we're going to just do a little bit of painting on there with a bit of, bit of white acrylic paint. Little tiny bit of water in there, just so it flows really nice. 

You want these lines as thin as you can get them. Using your dotting tool your just going to dot all the little cross sections and all we need to do is put the gel top coat on and cos' the actual design actually starts here and graduates down the nail this also helps drawing the eye down the nail and helps make the nail look really long and thin. So we're going to put the mega gloss sealer gel on, making sure you cover all the art work. There, we can pop that into the lamp for two minutes. So now that's cured we're going to pop a bit of cuticle oil on just to finish, massage that in and that's your gorgeous, easy peasy but very elegant babies bloomer.

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