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Self Makeup Tutorial - Wedding Guest Makeup

Hi guys. My name is Ekta Bakshi and today I am gonna show you this soft party makeup look. If you are a bride's sister or a groom's sister and if you are looking for a soft makeup for yourself then this tutorial is for you. Keep watching. I will be using a moisturizer. This is Clinique and I will be mixing one pump of this with a moisturizer called perfect moisturizer from Inatur. I will just mix and I will apply all over my face. Just spread it all over your face and little bit towards your neck. So for this look I will be using a primer from Makeup Forever. It's a HD primer. One pump will be enough. So for base I am using Makeup Studio in colour pale yellow. So one pump... and I will be using Real Technique's buffing brush. Evenly spread all over the face. 

The base is really thick so you have to spread it evenly and very fast. So for concealing this is a concealer palette from Makeup Studio. I will be using a concealer according to my skin tone. You can use your fingers also after sanitizing them. This is a translucent powder from makeup studio again. I will be using this to set my foundation. Just take little bit. Tap off any excess. So now I will be starting with the eye makeup.

As a base on eyes I will be using NYX Jumbo pencil in colour milk. It's a normal white pencil. You don't have to be too even while applying it. Just have to spread it. Little dots and all... all over the eyes. Just spread it evenly all over the eyes, all over the lid including the brow bone evenly. Basically we use this NYX pencil or any kind of plain white pencil to bring out the colour. To bring out the intensity of colour more and of course it will be long lasting too. So this is a very simple look. Probably completed in two three steps. Take any dark colour... probably matching to your dress. Put it in the crease with a big blending brush like this.

I am using this colour. It's a dark brown colour. Just keep on blending it. So this has created a contour for your eyes. So now I will be using a light colour again from the same palette. It's this colour. It's a silver colour. Mostly I will be putting in the inner corner and then all over the lid. Again take the same blending brush. No colour... and blend it. So it should again give a diffused... Just to give a more intensified and a slightly smokier look you can carry in a party also I will be using this colour. It's a mauve colour... a dark mauve colour with a pencil blending brush... pencil brush on the corners. You have to make a "V". I am not going too smokey as I want to keep this look for day as well. Just on the edges very very softly. So once it's blended again I will be taking the same colour. The brown colour... little bit on any smudging brush. Put it under your lower lash line. So now for this look instead of using a kajal I will be using a white pencil or a nude pencil. So this is a nude pencil from Remel London... their Scandal Eyes collection. This is a waterproof Kohl Kajal. So now how to use a nude pencil and who have to use it? You have to use it in a light stroke and somebody who has small eyes to make it appear big.

That person can use a nude pencil. But it is not a hard and fast rule. Somebody who has big eyes can also use it. But the trick to this pencil is to use it in light strokes. So just see how I am using it. You don't have to use it like a Kajal. Otherwise it will give a very stark effect. And again with the smudging brush just blend. Applying a highlighter in the same shade. Again using a blending brush... just to give a more softer look. Now doing my brows using a brown colour... mixing it with black. Now setting this with a brow gel and that too by NYX. It is called Control Freak Pro Gel. If you don't want to do your eyebrows, if you don't want to put a colour it is better to use a clear gel and comb it. That will keep your brow hair in place and that will shape them also. So we are skipping liner for this look and I will be using a mascara. But if you are skipping liner then you have to use mascara in two or three coats. Okay? Just to make your lashes appear bigger. So this is again from NYX XXL mascara. It's a waterproof mascara. So for face contouring I will again keep it very soft. It's a contouring palette from Makeup Studio. And locate your contours here. Soft gentle hands just one stroke. Blush I am using is from MAC.

For this look you can use any blush which is more on a peachy side and not a very pink. For Indian skin I have said earlier also very pink colours they don't go. When you are very fair then also. You have to mix it with any kind of coral colour. So the colour I am using is a mix of pink and coral with a very little golden. And the trick to apply blush is to take very less amount. See it's very less amount on the brush. You have to smile and locate apple of the cheeks. Just dab little. Round strokes. And take it back. Keep on doing this until you find it is blended. It should not look a patch. Now to give a little dewy effect or a shine to your face I will be using this NYX illuminator. And just with again the same blush brush... just again... give one more stroke to blend everything 0out. So for this look you can either go for nude lips for day or you can carry a bold 8red or a pink... any colour... maroon for a night look. So this look compliments both 4the lips. So this is a lip liner from Remel London and that's in shade number 014 wild 2clover. Now I will be using a lip colour from Sephora. It's their lip tint... and it's in 4shade NC15. Seems like this. This look is very complimentary to any kind of dress you 0are wearing. And ya... I am wearing a peach coral lip colour. You can do with a bold red 7or a maroon lip or you can go in for a nude lipstick also. People who are afraid of putting 3dark lip colours they can choose a gloss or a nice lip colour for themselves matching 0to their dress. And I hope you like it. 

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