Friday, March 4, 2016

My Morning Routine | Healthy Breakfast Recipe, Skincare, Makeup and Outfit

So the morning starts before I even wake up Mikki is just like wandering around the bed, wondering when I'm gonna wake up maybe he wants to be fed, maybe he's hungry or maybe he's thirsty... Who knows but, yeah, he pretty much wanders around my bed as he pleases, over my pillow, over me I just toss and turn and then I'll just give him a little bit of a pat 'cause he probably just wants some attention and then when it's cold I just tell him to come into bed with me and he loves crawling under the covers with me in the morning and he pretty much just sleeps and hangs out with me and down... Yeah, he's just super duper cute when he's under there and I just kinda pat him and we just hang out for pretty much half an hour or so until I can be bothered to wake up.

And then usually my alarm goes off, I kinda snooze it and put it back on the table and try to get some more sleep but you know I think I should wake up sometimes I gank Mikki and hug him and boss him into a tight snuggle and then I might get up and check my phone because people usually message me or something goes off and I kinda just look through my phone... 

Then I just realize sitting up is too hot and then I just go lie back down and continue looking on my phone while Mikki wanders around the bed and this is when I check Instagram and Twitter and everything like that or I'm gonna snap a Snapchat. Then I get up and go to the bathroom It's time to put on my contacts. I always cry when that happens. And then time to brush my teeth and get them pearly whites In the morning I just use a cleansing wipe to cleanse my face because I'm just too lazy to wash it and my face is already clean 

Then I just come back into my room and brush my hair I add a little bit of oil on my brush It makes it shiny and gives it a little bit of a treatment so there's a tip for you guys My hair is kinda wavey naturally so it doesn't really settle down and then it's time to tone my face and this is the first tuner I talk about in my skin care routine so I'll link that below and next I'm putting on the Origins Original Skin Serum and this noticeably minimizes my pores and improves the look and feel of my skin and gives it a healthy glow It's a citrus and floral scent and to me it smells like grapefruit You can buy this online and I've included the link in the description box below so please check that out After my skin care, I will just open the blinds to pretty much wake me up even further And, yeah, it's super bright when that happens and, yeah, it refreshes me. And then it's time to make breakfast so I head into the kitchen and yep, get my bread, avocado... 

I'm gonna do a really cool recipe for you guys this morning and it's just a simple avocado toast recipe that I absolutely love It's perfect for everyday because it's really, really easy to make and quick! And then I'll grab my aloe vera juice and water from the fridge and I'll show you what I'll be doing with that later. I'll just chop the avocado in half and my favorite part is honestly just to twist and open It feel so nice when I do that, I don't know why! Tell me if you guys love seeing that happen as well and then basically you just do little scores down the avocado I only need about a third of it for the toast and then once you do that, you just grab a spoon and scoop it out and it comes out perfectly and if you lay it on the toast and kind of spread it out like a fan it just looks really really pretty and it's just a great way to save avocado otherwise you can just mash it and put it on if you want and then put pepper on top. I love lots of pepper and some rock salt and rock salt just tastes really really good and it tastes better than normal salt you can toast the bread, I did it. 

It's up to you how you like your bread. And for more healthy recipes, I have a 7-day food plan that I've linked down below, so please check that out. So if you want to get your healthy eating on check on a budget you can't miss this. It's time to make my special morning drink and it's just basically water and then add some aloe vera juice because it's really really good for you and then me squeeze a bit of lemon just for a refreshing taste and that's it. It's a glass of really nice and cleansing water for the morning and that's my breakfast so let's go ahead to my table area where I do my work and I eat and I love listening to Train at the moment so I usually turn that on and listen to that or I go on Netflix and watch 90210 while I eat just to relax and chill I just can't eat without watching something And it's time to do my makeup for the morning So I'm gonna show you a really simple everyday makeup It's just a bit of foundation and mixing my Napoleon and my Missha BB Cream and then I'm taking my Naked 2 Palette and pop in a nice shimmering pink color all over my lid and then taking a matte brown kind of color and just popping it on my crease and then I'm finishing off with a highlighter color on my brow bone and blending it down and I'll just take a fluffy brush and blend it all together I just wanted really light makeup today so it's nothing special and then finishing off with the matte brown on my lower eyelashes on the outer corners and then it's time to curl my lashes and put on my mascara I just love how mascara makes your eyes open and look brighter in the morning and just doing winged liner it's... taking lots of practice. 

I'm not gonna show you me struggling through this. You don't need to see that! After I'm done with that, I'll just take my contour brush and some bronzer and just really make that cheekbone stand out and then on my jawline I finish off with my favorite lipstick of the moment which is the 3CE Burnt Red color Finish off with some gloss in the middle parts of my lips just for a little bit of shine So fluffing up my hair for some extra volume and I'm done with my face Let's move on to the outfit. I'm gonna change really quickly for you here and I'm loving this outfit because you can pretty much dress it up with a necklace and some rings and I'm loving midi rings and gold Turkey rings at the moment And this is the... sort of kimono dress from ASOS. It's just really comfortable, it's cotton You can just pull it over anything. It's kind of my go-to everyday dress at the moment I pair it with my favorite Balenciaga bag and I'm really loving this bag because it's also really easy to wear and if you wanna see what's in my handbag I've linked that video below as well And yeah this bag is awesome to wear on your shoulder but I like to carry it on the crook of my arm I don't know why but us girls always carry our bags like that. It just kinda looks nicer So yeah, that's it, I take my bag and I pretty much head out If you guys want a Day in the life video from me, make sure to give this video a thumbs-up If we can get over 2,000 thumbs-up then I'm gonna put that video on my channel for you guys and show you what I do like, on one of the days that I go hang out and I'll take you to my favorite spot So that's it guys, my morning routine. Don't forget to subscribe if you haven't already and I'll see you guys on my next video. I upload two a week. Love you guys! Bye!

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