Friday, March 4, 2016

DIY HEALTHY SUMMER DRINKS! - Detox water, Milkshake, Slush

I really, really wanted to say a BIG thank you to you all. But I will definately do a separate video on this So keep your eyes peeled .... But I have a super cool video for you now. It's about drink ideas. So no, not about snack ideas, those will come later ... I just haven't had time to record them yet... . ... and that's why you'll have to make do with the drink ideas :-) So why don't we just start with the video. You'll see me after the video again ... ... because I will be babbling some more :-) So let's start Let's start with our strawberry milkshake. For that you'll need strawberries, I usually use frozen ones to keep it nice and fresh. Sweetner, I usually use agave sirup, but you might prefer something else.

Milk, I usually use a glass full, then some jogurt, you can use which ever you like, and of course a mixer. Then put all the ingredients: the strawberries, the milk, the jogurt and the sirup, into the mixer and mix everything, or do whatever a mixer does... By the way, this recipe is super versatile What I mean is you can use only milk, or buttermilk ... ... just try anything you have in store. You could for example also use curd. That's why I absolutely love this recipe, and make the milkshake really often. 

Let's continue with a type of slush that I absolutely love, and have loved, especially in the summer ever since I was a kid. First of all you can use sirup, but you don't have to. Then you need some orange, mango or any other type of juice that you like, or just some fruit ... and the mixer again... ...and some ice. That's in fact all you need for the slush. If you want something that resembles Actimel (a jogurt drink) you need to add some extra jogurt (or curd) and milk. Then remember to mix everything. and if you just want the slush just use the juice and ice, and adjust amounts of each to play with the texture. Remember sirup is optional. For this I never have any exact quantities. 

Instead I just try whatever tastes best or I feel like having that day, by adding a bit more milk or something else and then trying it. Lastly, I wanted to show you how to make Detox Water, because Detox Water is super healthy for you. It's just water with vitamins from fruit. That's why I can really recommend it. First of all you need water and fruit, and that's it really. I started by filling my bottle with water and then adding some ice. My bottle by the way comes from Karstadt, but I think you can also get it in Galeria Kaufhof. Then just add some lemon juice to give it a fresh taste, and start slicing your fruit. Now just add the pieces to the water. Here you can really use any type of fruit you want So choose something you really like. It's how the water gets its flavour.

You could also add cucumber for example, which is also really fresh and tasty. So, that's the end of my video, and I really hope you liked it. If you did, please give me a thumbs up because the video took a long time to make. Special thanks to my bro, who did the filming. By the way he also has a channel now, so have a look in the Infobox for the link. I am really sorry for that one scene, the horrible one with the slush, where my nail varnish was coming off... I am going to make a real effort not to let this happen again...because... ...I know it's really annoying. So I will really make an effort to paint my nails especially for my videos...but.... ....I am not that talented when it comes to painting my nails...I do understand though it annoys people. And by the way there is one thing I did want to tell you: Lots of people think I am stupid or arrogant because of YouTube ... ... and that I am stupid for not saying where I live, but... ...I don't want to bore you... ...but I really haven't changed. I'm just more honest when I face the camera. Before, I always thought I needed to be super sweet for people to like me Don't get me wrong. I don't think I'm an antisocial person. But I have different sides to my personality, like you probably do too, and I talk differently to my friends and to my family. With you for example, I act like I would with people I do not know that well. Although you are a big part of me, I do not know most of you personally, so...'s really important to me that I am nice and polite when I talk to you guys. I am going to stop rambling on now! 

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