Friday, March 4, 2016

HRT Centre For Healthy Living - Fitness Tips with Noah Gentner HD

Hi, I'm Noah Gentner from theHumber Center for Healthy Living.And I'm here to talk to you about three things,that you can start doing today,to live a healthier lifestyle.Whether it's eating better, exercising more,quitting smokingor any other change that you want to make in your life,I'm gonna give you three tips that you can start doingright now to get yourself started on the right path.Tip one, know your why.Now many people know what they want to achieve.The problem that most people run into isthey don't know why they want to do those things.And without that why,we lose the foundation with which behavior changes built.So your why may be, to have more energy at workor throughout your day.

Your why may be to play with your kids or grandkids.Your why may be to play golf when you're 75, 80 years old.Try to identify what that why is for you.Tip two, start small.Many people think that behavior changehas to be big and broad.The reality is, the bigger change we make in our life,the more likely it is that we're notgonna follow through with that.So start with small changes.By yourself or with a colleague walk for 10 or 15 minutes,one or two times a day.

Maybe wake up 15 minutes earlier and bike to work.Take the dog for an extra long walk on the weekends.The more success you have with those small changes,the more likely it is that you will stick with themand eventually incorporate more changes down the road.Tip three, find your social support.Identify that one person or that small group of people,that you can rely on during those difficult times.Tell your friends and family membershow important this change is to you.And have them schedule times whereyou can go for a run, hit the gym together.The more you have that social support,the more likely it is that you'll getthrough those difficult times.So whether your behavior change is to exercise moreor make any other healthy changes in your life,there's three things that you can start doing today,that will lead you to success.Once again I'm Noah Gentner forthe Humber Center for Healthy Living

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