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How To Use Green Tea For Weight Loss - Combine 4 Teas To Lose Weight

We are going to be talking about how to use green tea for weight loss. We are goingto be talking about different types of tea as well mainly 4 types of tea. which combinedtogether will give you much more faster progression on fat loss process. so what are the 4 typesof tea we going to be talking about? todayis oolong tea, white tea, pu-erhteaand finallythegreen we will go in short details about what are the benefits of each tea and why you shouldbe using what is oolong tea? oolong tea is a slightly fermented green teawhich due to the fermentation process goes through oxidation and releases much more contentsof the green is known to speed up your metabolism. whichis good for burning up more lowers your body cholesterol. 

It helps you maintain strong immune systemto fight off diseases and it help digest food aswellso the next tea we are going to be talking about is the white tea.white tea is said to has lots of benefits which is the oral health benefits becauseit contains much more flouride. 

It is good for your cardiovasuclar healthaswell it lowers your blood pressure if you wantto lower your blood pressure or have high blood pressure. it is imperative that youuse white tea combined with other teas aswell. and it is good for your bones aswellPu-erh tea so pu-erh tea is a tea that has been agedfor quite a some time and it mainly comes from fujian state of china where the bestpu-erh tea are made. it usually comes in a bowl shape and it is said to contain gaba and theanine which isknown to reduce stress in your body aswell as give you happy supresses fat production it metabolizes your stored fat cells whichcould be around your belly most of the people suffer a pot belly so it is a good way touse this tea combined with others and it cleans your blood of toxins so thetoxins build up in our body because we eat different kinds of food processed food sugarsand all kinds of stuff that are when taken in high quantity is not good for our healthso it cleans our bloodand finally the green tea so the green tea has been known to increase your physical performanceit is the most popular tea that has been used by lots of people and lots of studies hasbeen done.

 Aswell it is known to help prevent cancerit is good for your eyes and it protects your brain from any degenerativediseasesso combining all the 4 teas why should you combine all the 4 teas?and drink it as one every tea has different properties and hasmain benefit of making your lose your body weight that is your body fatso combining all of these maximizes your fat loss potential and you will lose fat in notime so what are the benefits of combining allof the 4 teas ? it promotes your overall healthhelps you lose weight it increases your energyit improves your bones protects your eyesightprotects you from the uv rays of the sun it boosts your body stamina and enduranceit reduce the risk of heart attack hydrates your bodyhelps with diabetes helps fight free radicalsimproves memory and concentration helps you focusyou live longer studies shows that people drinking teas speciallygreen tea tends to live a lot longer life it is anti inflammatoryit has got less caffeine than coffee which is good because if you consume lots of coffeeyou dose more on caffeine if you want to live healthy you can switchfrom coffee to tea which has got less caffeine tea are mostly calorie freeso teas usually don't have any calories on them so it will you on your fat loss processand you will have a healthy skin so combining all of the 4 teas oolong tea,white tea, pu-erh tea and green tea is the combination you should be seeking and combiningin your daily life to help you lose more weight and be healthy overall

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