Monday, March 28, 2016

How To Create Coffe Nails - Nail Art Italian Patterns

It does not just look well, you can be sure it also tast amazing. No question why Italian coffee is admired all over the world. But how does coffee get on the nails? Well, either you spill on it by accident or you can stamp on it as Norka will show you in this video. First we prepare Detti's nails for gel polish. Now she is just telling that she is really tired because she hasn't slept for two days. Well, lets hope the coffee on the nails will keep her awake. :) After preparing the nails, we apply the first coat of Moyra gel polish No. 21 on the pinky, index finger andonthethumb. We cure it for about half a minute. Then we apply the second coat, which we cure to hard in 2 minutes. Onto the middle and ring fingers we make a base with No. 124 gel polish, which we cure for about 30 seconds.

We applied the second coat, which we do not cure to hard just yet, because we put some dots from Moyra FuseNo.36and21 with a nail art brush No. 00. Then we mix the dots, which makes them look like when milk is mixing with coffee. After that we cure the nail for 2 minutes. Then we repeat the same steps on the middle finger, too. We place dots on the nail and mix them together. After two minutes of curing we cover the nails with 2:1 gel polish base and top coat. Then we cure the nails for again two minutes and remove the sticky layer. Now we are going to stamp on the nails, so with a fine buffer we remove the shine and brush off the dust. Then we clean the nail plate No. 01 Globetrotter with aceton-free nail polish remover. Of course, we are going to choose the coffe design. We apply some brown stamping polish on the design, scrape the excess, pick up the design and stamp it on thering finger.

On the middle finger we are going to stamp from Plate No. 13 Sweet Dreams. From the skin, we remove the unwanted nail polish with aceton free nail polish remover and a small gel brush. Once the skin is cleaned, we cover the nails with 2:1 gel polish base and top coat, which we cure for 2 minutesandcleanse. To emphasize the Italian feeling, Norka adds some green, white and red colours to the design. With SuperShine gel and Moyra nail art brush No. 00, she is painting the Italian flag on the nail. Several times during painting, she puts the nail under UV lamp for a couple of seconds. Finally we treat the skin with cuticle oil. Well, be our guess! This coffee inspired manicure is on the house!

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