Tuesday, March 22, 2016

How to: Easy Pulled Dutch Braid Tutorial| Pretty Hair is Fun

Hey it's Shaunell and Aislyn and I are going to demo for you how to do a simple pulled Dutch braid. This is an updated version of a Dutch braid video we've done in the past and we are excited to show you how to do it. So to get started, I'm going to spin her around. Alright to begin this simple Dutch braid, I'm just going to brush all of her hair back away from her face. You can spray it with water or hairspray just to tame any flyaways. I'm going to part off a section from either side of her forehead with my fingers, to make my initial section.

I'm going to split it in three equal parts, and then instead of crossing it over the top like a regular braid or a regular french braid, I'm going to cross it underneath, and put this side in the middle (right side), and then I'm going to do the same thing on this side, and cross it under the middle, just like that. After I've done one stitch, I'm going to pass this side under, grab it with my finger and I'm going to pull hair from this side and add it to it, and comb it down with my fingers, and do the same thing on the opposite side. 

Pass it under and pull in hair, just like any kind of french braid. You can use a comb to smooth this out or just your fingers like I'm doing. And then just continue, pass that underneath, pull in hair from this side, add it to it, smooth it down, and continue on. Ok, I'm where I'm going to pull in the very last section of her hair, so I'm going to add those in, and I want to keep the braid close to her head as I do this, meaning I don't want to pull this out a long ways, because if you do that, you'll have a gap in the hair, so make sure you pull the braid in tightly when you are doing the last sections. Don't pull all the little hairs, but keep it close to the head and then just continue your braid down. I'm almost down to the end of the braid, so before I put in my elastic, I'm going to come up here and hold on to the end, and I'm going to pull this out. Take either side of the braid, and just pull. This is what gives it the big loose effect. The looser you braid it , the more volume and size you'll get as well. Hers is a little big tighter. Just pull out the edges. Do it all the way down the braid. Once you have it like you like, put in your elastic, and you are done! This is our Pulled Dutch Braid.

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