Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Coconut Orange Creamsicle Smoothie by Rockin Robin

Hi, everybody. Today I'm making a coconut creamsicle smoothie. This reminds me of when I was a kid, and I would go with my friend to the store, and we'd pick up those 50-50 creamsicle bars. Do you remember that? Those were delicious, and this recipe really reminds me of that. It's rich and it's creamy, and it's perfect for breakfast or snacks. So I'm Rockin' Robin, and I'm going to show you how to do it right after this. So here's our ingredients for our smoothie. We're going to need a couple of oranges which are organic. Now, you want to use organic because we're going to be using the zest of our oranges and we don't want the chemicals on our orange. 

I also have some coconut milk. Now, I want you to look at this, how nice and thick and creamy this is. It comes in a can and it's full-fat, but we're not using a whole lot, so don't worry about the fat content. But it really makes it nice and creamy. We'll need some yogurt, I'm using plain yogurt here. We'll need a frozen banana, some vanilla extract, and some protein powder, which is totally optional if you don't want to use that, or you don't have any, you don't have to. So now what we have to do is put everything in the blender, but we're going to start off with all of our liquid ingredients. That way it makes it easier for our blender to mix it all up. 

So I'm going to add my yogurt first, so that's nice and soft. Next goes the coconut milk. Now, we're going to add ice for consistency, so we'll be adding probably just two orthree ice cubes just to make sure that it's thick enough. Now, the next thing I'm going to add is the orange zest. Now, remember we talked about adding that. So I'm going to do that now, because then I'm going to peel the orange, and it's a lot easier to zest while it's intact. Now, this orange zest is really important because it really gives you a nice orangey flavor. It's adding those oils to our smoothie, and they're good for you too. Now, I'm going to add the vanilla extract, next goes our oranges, the protein powder, the banana, and a couple of cubes of ice. 

Then we'll put the lid on, and blend away. Now, when we blend this up, if it's too thick to blend, then we can always add just a little bit of water. So we'll just see how it goes. All right, guys. There you have it, simple and easy, and this made one big glassful, as you can see here, and a little bit left over in the blender. So let's give this a taste. That is fantastic. Oh, that was delicious. Reminds me of that 50-50 creamsicle bar.Delicious guys, give this a try, you're going to love it. I promise you. So thanks so much for watching,

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