Tuesday, March 22, 2016

DIY Shattered Glass Nails [Korea Trend]

To begin the manicure, it's always important to have soft, moisturized cuticles. If you want a flawless finish, start with a flawless canvas. Use any cuticle cream or oil you have. The one I'm using is from NCLA and it's called So Rich. It smells aaamazing. Once you've given that a few minutes to sink in, you need to wipe off your nails with rubbing alcohol. This will remove oil from your nails so your manicure will go a lot longer without chipping. Remember to just swipe the alcohol across your nails and not over the cuticles.

Next use a base coat that will help stick your nail color to your nail bed. I'm using Strong Bond by Quo. Just use a thin layer over all of your nails. Base coats generally dry very quickly so you can continue on with your base color. So for the glass nails I'm going with a black base. This is the most popular color right now in south korea for this particular manicure. 

I've also seen a lot of white bases too, but I personally prefer the look of the black base the most because I find the result to be striking rather than soft. For the broken glass effect, pick up a pack of iridescent cellophane from your local craft store. I got this pack from Michael's. Again, make sure the pack you choose is iridescent, you want it to shine pink and green. Then use a pair of scissors to cut up little triangular shards of the cellophane. Try and get a decent variety of sizes but don't make them too big because you want them to all fit nicely over your nails. Next I'm putting down a thin coat of clean polish and then picking up the shards with a wax pencil. If you don't have a wax pencil, then just use a toothpick dipped into water to pick them up. When placing the shards, make sure to leave a little space in between them so it looks like shattered glass. I loooove the result. So shiny! If any of your shards have gone over your nail just snip it off with scissors. Next you're going to need a great top coat to keep it all on. You may need to do two coats. A lot of people use gel instead of polish for this design because it helps the shards last. I went with polish because I know that most of you don't use gel. You'll still get a few days out of it though regardless.

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