Tuesday, March 15, 2016

HOW Fitness CHANGED a Life ?| Clubbing VS. FIT Life | LEGS DAY

Today in thought about telling my story what his fitness to me how I get into fitness what is my vision here what I want to to do fitness so let's start it all started five years ago I was kind of good position very good job I had a very beautiful girlfriend I was very popular with a lot of friends I'm not saying that now I don't have any friends but then I was every weekend I go out I go to clubs with a lot of friends I celebrate every weekend that was my kind of lifestyle baghdad spite of all of this I started to feel that something is missing something I started to feel that I can do more more of these things because I started to feel like a ship like I was in we thought I had a direction and I didn't know where that direction will bring me I started to feel like everyone else that I do the same things that everyone else is doing like working in a job you don't know if you want to be there you don't know where you don't have any provision you just go to work from 925 you have a job you have a girlfriend maybe that's all.

I started to feel that is not right for me and I can do a lot more towards drove me and I slide in a slightly slide in big big depression and before I know I was in a huge depression and I i didnt know how to get out of the depression that depression was a blessing in disguise I didn't so as a blessing that feeling back then I felt like I mean I mean a health I was in hell for me in that period but after years now I see I see it as a blessing in disguise ok so after best to their depression get out of the depression I was kind of almost died in the depression seriously very it was very hard for me and after I get out of the depression I started I didn't know what to do with my life I didn't have any idea any motivation to do something because of the depression and I gave up the fight with a depression and when I gave up to fight the depression things started to work out for me too though.

I started to have some ideas what I want to do that period or that I can do it was too I go out for Iran every day I went out for a run about twenty or thirty minutes and I enjoyed very much reading all of my life I enjoyed reading very much and in that period all that I could do it was reading the two or three hours a day and the running at night and running reading saved my life with the real estate my life in that period and I started to think if I get out the fire get out of the depression I can help many people to improve their lives to to make better changes in their life and I choose fitness as a tool I had a very much tools to choose but I just fitness because I really enjoyed the back in the back in the days I enjoyed working out and I like that feeling that they're finding the body good feeling after the workout and I said to me that I will work out and I will learn all that I can to after that when I i must master this this information and this feeling to help people will start to hear people and this is this is my journey this is why I started to to bring value to bring value from the pain to the people around me and maybe in time worldwide to bring value to change some lives with my story this is my story I'm so please tell me if you have any similarities if you find any similarities in your life right now keep in mind if you are in a period like I was back then depression don't fight it don't fight it waited to pass because it is it was with me it sure will be the same case with you and it is a blessing in disguise trust me don't fight it just push through push through and it will person after your be a whole lot stronger trust me ok so now USD my legs day and please tell me about what I thought to you what I speak to you with my feelings back Daniel if you have an opinion ok let's go two legs day

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