Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Surprising Health Benefits Of Grapefruit

I want to share with you the health benefits of the almighty grapefruit. Now, just as in other videos where i've talked about celery leaves, watermelon and all sorts of other amazing fruits and vegetables, I ate about half of this before the video, it's very difficult for me to focus on talking about health and wellness when there's a grapefruit or a watermelon sitting directly in front of me, so, i'm holding the watermelon as a prop for those of you that don't know, or excuse me, the grapefruit wow. I'm holding a grapefruit as a prop for those of you that may not know what a grapefruit looks like, so this is half of a grapefruit, it's about this size it's kind of pinkish, orangish in color. 

You can get them at most stores, so for those of you that don't eat fruits and vegetables, this is what it looks like! so now you know, so, i'm going to talk about the health benefits of grapefruit, and why you should be eating grapefruit more often in your diet. First and foremost grapefruits are rich in vitamin a and vitamin c, vitamin a is beneficial for your eye health, it's also beneficial for your skin health, vitamin c is also very great for your skin health and vitamin C is also great for your hair skin and nails and it's just a kind of repairing vitamin. Same with vitamin A to some degree. So vitamin C is also good for boosting immunity, so your immunity which obviously it is the system within your body that fights infections and bacteria, viruses, viral infections, anything like that. Vitamin C is great for that to boost your immunity to help fight those things off and grapefruit is very very rich in vitamin c, it's basically one of the richest vitamin C foods on the planet, so vitamins a and C are the first two components or plant compounds, vitamins within grapefruit that are very beneficial. Grapefruit is also rich in fiber, potassium and copper. 

Now, fiber we all need more fiber in our diet, fiber is basically kind of like a sponge for your intestines, your colon and just your body in general. Fiber kind of cleans the walls of the intestines, cleans the wall of the Colon, to scrub away every thing and anything that could be in your body that shouldn't be, basically toxins, basically helping you have bowel movements that are healthy, to remove excess waste and fecal matter and toxins and all these different things. If you don't have enough fiber in your diet your colon will get backed up and your intestines will get backed up and you'll have a lot of health challenges and issues because of that. It's also rich in Fiber. It's also rich in potassium which potassium is a very important crucial mineral for your cardiovascular health, it helps with your heart rate, it's beneficial for your blood, your circulation, it's beneficial for your born structure, your kind of muscoskeletal, well, muscle and skeletal system both. It helps with muscle contraction, it helps with and works with magnesium and calcium for bone, ligament, tendon and muscle development. So it's kind of a building mineral, grapefruits are also rich in Copper which Copper is a beneficial mineral that works with Iron to help basically create red blood cells and red blood cell health within the body.

And in your body you have red and white blood cells. Copper when paired within Iron within your body helps to create those red blood cells so it's basically healthy for your blood, your circulation and just the healthy maintenance and management of healthy blood. The other cool thing about grapefruits that most people don't know and you wouldn't even expect necessarily is that grapefruits are really rich in b-vitamins, they're rich in b1, b5, and b7 vitamins. Maybe you've seen pantothenic acid or biotin, a lot of people take biotin for nails and hair, and pantothenic acid as well. Basically b-vitamins, the kind of category of b vitamins are responsible for energy production in the body and metabolism, so the cool thing about b-1, b5 and b7, is that these b vitamins are responsible for metabolizing fats, carbohydrates, proteins and really just anything. 

So basically your metabolism is boosted and it helps to use your food source whatever that may be as energy through these, through this range of b vitamins to give you energy, and then also on top of that obviously biotin is beneficial for your hair, and your nails and b vitamins are obviously great for energy production, digestive health, metabolism and all these other sorts of things. So basically to sum up everything, grapefruits are rich in fiber, potassium, copper, vitamins a and c, and vitamins b1, b5 and b7. So, basically grapefruits are great for your metabolism, energy production, rebuilding and repairing through the vitamins and minerals contained within it and it's just a great detoxifying fruit overall, it's great for Liver health, if you've ever done a liver flush before grapefruit is one of those staple things for a liver flush so it's detoxifying, nutrient dense, nutrient dense, rich in fiber, good for cleaning out the digestive system in the body and it's rebuilding at the same time. So it's kind of cool that it's detoxifying and building up your body at the same time so that's it for this video, once again, grapefruit looks like this, it's very difficult for me to not eat at least half of the food i'm talking about, and obviously one thing you'll notice is that because of all the b vitamins in grapefruit I mean, you know, look at this head of hair, I didn't get this head of hair by eating GMO's, you know that, so, ugh, if you want a head of hair like this and a beard like this, grapefruit is a great place to start because of the biotin, b1, b5 and b7 vitamins and all the other beneficial things for hair growth, beautiful skin, nails, hair, beauty, feeling great, looking great, having lots of energy and all that stuff. That's it for this video, once again my name is David Benjamin, i'm the founder of Healthy Wild And Free.com which is a health and wellness community and podcast, make sure to subscribe to this channel below for more information, please like this video by clicking the thumbs up button if you learned something new. Leave your comments below and i'll see you in the next video, take care and have a great day bye.

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