Wednesday, March 30, 2016


This morning, I will be making three of my favorite smoothies. I've been drinking these smoothies for well over 10 years now. And they're said to promote healthy skin, hair, as well as nail growth. I hope you will enjoy them, too. This is a fruit and veggie smoothie. This carrot, spinach, OJ combo shakes out to four milligrams of beta-carotene per glass. The bonus is, the antioxidants in the berries offer a nice boost of anti-aging power. Add half a cup of low-fat vanilla yogurt. Add half a cup of orange juice, half a cup of frozen, loose-packed mixed berries, one cup of fresh spinach leaves, one banana that has been cut up and frozen, six small baby carrots.

Now, pulse until smooth. This is the Healthy High-C Smoothie. This kale and orange juice duo will fuel a healthy glow with more than six milligrams of beta-carotene and bolster your immune system to boot. We need one cup of kale. The next thing we need are two large kiwis peeled and chopped, one rib of celery, chopped. Add half a cup of fresh orange juice or tangerine juice. Add half a cup of cilantro sprigs, 1/4 of a cup of ice cubes, which is, relatively, just four ice cubes. 

Thing I'm making is called Wintergreen Smoothie. Between orange juice and the deep green veggies, this overachieving blend has more than four grams of beta-carotene and one gram of alpha-carotene per glass. One apple, cored and peeled. One cup of spinach. One cup of roughly-chopped kale with the ribs removed. We have 1/4 of a cup of carrot juice and half a cup of orange juice. To your blender, you want to go ahead and get your kale and spinach. Add you apples. Add your orange juice. Then, add your carrot juice. Add your sliced banana, which has been frozen. Add your four, small broccoli florets, which have been sliced and frozen. Cheers. It's delicious. Have a world-class day, friends.

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