Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Spring Nail Art On Short Nails - Tutorial Video Using Nail Stamping And Painted Flowers

According to the Pantone Color Institute, in the spring of 2016 yellow, peach, red, green, ice coffee brown and purplish grey will be the dominant colours. And baby blue and pink shades will be also very popular. Norka will make a nail polish manicure for Detti with these two colours. After preparing the nails, Norka applies Bubble Gum No. 628 nail polish in two layers onto thepinky,the pointing finger and the thumb. We can clean off the nail polish from the skin with an orange woodstick. On the middle and ring fingers, let's apply the first layer of nail polish No. 54. Once the first layers dried, let's apply the second coat from both colours. 

Then we clean nailplate No. 6 Florality 1 with aceton-free nail polish remover. As the plate is all clean, we select a nice flower deisgn. For stamping, we will not use stamping polish this time, because its pigmentation is too highfor ourchosen design. So we will stamp with Gel Look No. 944. After the middle finger is done, we will stamp on the ring finger, too. We apply the nail polish on the plate, scrape it, pick up the design and stamp it on the nail. 

We clean the skin with aceton-free nail polish remover. For skin close to the nail, we should use a small flat gel brush. Then we apply stamping top coat on the nails. Once the top coat has dried, we decorate the stamped nails with white Surpshine gel. We will paint very simple flowers with Moyra Nail art brush No. 00. In order to prevent the Supershine gel from flowing, we put the nails under UV lamp for a couple of secondsfrom timetotime, then we continue with the decoration. Once the flowers are cured, we drop a little bit of tipglue onto the middle of the flowers. We put a Light Sapphire crystal stone into the glue with the help of a nail art pickup tool. Then we treat the fingers with cuticle oil. And we only have to add some bird chattering in our mind to this nice spring nail design!

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