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How I Shave + Style My Hair | TrichJournal

So today I'm gonna do a video about it (what I do).This is gonna be so weird, but here we go.So before the shaving commences, I have to look at my hairand see what it's like first.Sort of analyse it. You'd be surprised, even at this can get bed hair and that can make a huge differencewhen you're shaving your hair.Because when it's like this you can get... like right now...some of it's flattened down, some of it's sticking up.So yeah, I have to deal with that first.So sometimes I'll go and have a shower, other times, I'll justrinse it.For the purpose of today, I'm just gonna rinse my hair and I'll be back.Back to the mirror we go.So this is my makeup... I look like Joseph and the Technicolordream coat!Er, this is my makeup table and my massive mirror.This is where I do the head shaving stuff.

Normally, this takes me about ten minutes, but I'm gonna slowdown.And I don't usually tend to wear a topwhen I'm doing this.Yeah, I'm giving you lovely images.'Cause when you do this, you get hair all over you and inside your clothes.And from my perspective, I just don't see the point inwearing nice fresh clothes and having to throw them straight into the washing machine.But for the sake of this, I have to wear clothes.

So, tadah.And just incase any of you guys were wondering,I'm using the Remington Precision Shaver.And I have loads of adapters.So this is my box of adapters, it came with the shaver.But I only use about two or three of them.So I use: 3mm, 7mm and 9mm.So what is, I use the 7mm/9mm and shave the top of my hair.Then I shave the bottom from a zero.And then sort of use the 3mm in the middle to blend together. 

And of course, I then go and top stuff up!(On my own, it's a bit scary!)I've sort of been experimenting with the 9 and the 7mm.I can't always make my mind up.But today I'm just gonna go for a 7mm because of......purposes.I don't necessarily need my mirror for the majority of this.I know the mirror's there, but I'll try and face this way.I can do do it with my eyes closed.Here we go *turns shaver on*.It's weird, I forget how much comes off.I mean, technically, you could just shave the whole head withthe 7mm...But I do prefer to taper the sides because it looks better.One bit I tend to miss, is this bit on the back.I am quite aggressive.Okay. *Turns shaver off*.I'm gonna zoom in a little bit.So this is my head at 7mm.It's all probably the same length right now...But I'm not gonna leave it like that, nope.Now we remove the adapter and just go to a zero.Now this is actually my favourite part,I love this and I may have to turn around.I think I did that too high.Can't see that side.Really good thing is, if you do make mistakesthe hair, technically should grow.So in about two weeks or so, I'll be fine.It's at this point that I think I look like Forest Gump.Nothing wrong with that, but that's what I think I look like.Right, now this bit.There's always two places that I tend to miss,the bit right in the centre there, that bit.andthese bits here.Err, I do tend to find that these bits tend to grow back, tremendously fast.Err, it's probably got something to do with how they're at thebottom of my neckand they might receive more blood *ugh* - I dunno.

There are sometimes where midweek, I've had to shave here again.*Turns shaver on.*Just a tip, when you do shave without the be very careful *shaver noise fades out*.because it's so easy to cut yourself, you've got no protectionfrom the adapter.I've cut my ear a few times, I've got better.It's so funny, I'm so nervous doing this infront of you.When I'm on my own I'm fine... I know I'd made that mistake.Okay *turns shaver off*.So, we've done the bottom...we've done the we've got to do the middle... *phone rings* - the phone's going off.Sorry, I can't answer at the moment.I'm busy... shaving.Right, number 3(mm) is on.*turns shaver on*Something that I find fascinating: everybody's head shape is d ifferent.and also, your head is not symmetrical.So one side of my head is more square, I think it's that side.That side's more circular.This bit.There.So it also makes it,weirder, cutting it on your own.Because you've gotta take those things into account.I do usually find the left side, so much easier to do.The right side is usually my problem area..And you wouldn't have thought so, because I'm right handed!So the part that I find most hardest to get right, is this bithere.Because this bone connects to my jaw and whenever I talk/ makes the hair move so...sometimes when I've shaved, I've accidentally shaved too close!Erm... it's taken a little practice, I still don't get it right.I also tend to make funny faces when I do this, so I'm so sorry.Go round, one more time.Woohoo.This side's the harder one, come on.Don't talk. Come on.Take your advice. Can you see? I've made a line! NO!And now, we just touch it up, so if there's any ridges...and any bits I've missed (you'd be amazed you can miss stuff!)Especially when you're doing it to yourself.Don't talk.Okay, I think we're done. *Turns shaver off*.WOOHOO!I think that took me about 10/15 minutes.So right now, my body and clothes are covered with horrible bits of hair.So normally I wouldn't be wearing this (I'd be commando) and I'd be fine.And I'd jump straight in the shower, but now I've got to put this in the wash!So now I just jump in the shower and wash it all off.And then follow with shampoo and conditioner.

When I do feel like it, I do top up...the bits here, in the showerwith the razor that I do my arms and legs with.That get's right to the skin whereas right now, there's a mm left.Don't like the friction, that bit there.So yeah, that's my shaved head.And I'm surrounded with haireverywhere.As you can see by these lovely clips.If I wanted to go one step further I'd do 3mm on top...And continue doing a 0 at the bottom...But for the time being, I'm keeping it slightly longer on top.Err, I kinda like it like this.It's not a bald head but it's not hair either...It's that happy medium, for me. What I would say is, I know I can be a bit rough...and agressive...but I've had a lot of practice with this, I know what my shaver's like.And I know what I'm like so.If you're gonna have a go at this, just...take it slowly, especially if you haven't done it before.It's a bit like an art form, once you know what you're doing,you're okay.You still have to be safe though.I hope this has been fun and educational.Okay, I'm now gonna jump in the shower..and feel nice.Erm, so Blossom and I are gonna say goodbye.She's not coming in the shower with me, don't worry.Bye bye everyone.

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