Tuesday, March 15, 2016

France With Stamping And Transfer Foil - Nail Art French Patterns

Do you know what it takes to paint the 324 meter high Eiffel tower onto your nails in moments? Norka is about to show you! Once the nails are all prepared, we apply Easy Base gel polish and cure it for 2 minutes. Then we apply Moyra Fuse No. 36 in two layers on the middle and ring fingers. For the first layers, we are using a gel brush to apply the gel on the nail, as this gel polishis rather thick, and we want the first layers to be really thin. For this purpose we recommend to use Moyra 3D gel brush. After half a minute of curing we apply the second layer, with its own brush of gel polish bottle thistime. It is better to cure Moyra fuse gel polish a little longer, for about two and a half minutes. For the pinky, index finger and for the thumb, we put Moyar Fuse No. 45 in 2 layers. 

Once the layers are all cured, we apply 2in1 Base and Top gel polish. We cure the nails for 2 minutes and cleanse them. Then we clean the nail plate No. 01 Globetrotter and Clear Vision stamper with acetonfree nailpolishremover. We brush some brown stamping polish on the Eiffel tower, scrape it, pick up the design and stamp it on the nail. You can easily position the design by looking through the Clear Vision stamper. For the middle finger we also stamp from the Globetrotter plate. We decorate the pinky with foil, so lets draw the contours with foil gel using the Moyra brushNo.00. During paiting you should put the design under UV lamp for couple of seconds, so the gels wouldnot flow off. Then keep on paiting the contours.

 After two minutes of curing, press the matte side of the foil onto the gel, and rip it off witha quick move. We will also prepare foil decoration on the index finger, so lets paint the contours here, too. After two minutes of curing apply the foil. On the thumb, we also create a foil design, so repeat the same steps as before. On the ring finger, we use blue and red nail art stripes to symbolize the French flag. We stick these stripes diagonally. At the places close to the skin, we recommend to use wooden sticks. Then we cut off the excess pieces. We paint out certain parts of the foiled nails with Moyra Fuse No. 36. You may remember, this is the colour we used for the middle and ring fingers. Having finished the decorations, we clean the skin with aceton free nail polish remover and gelbrushNo.2. Then we apply 2 coats of 2in1 Base and Top gel polish. We cure the last layer for 2 minutes and cleanse it. Then we treat the skin with cuticle oil.

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