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Studded Sugar Skull Makeup Tutorial

Makeup Tutorial. Super excited about it even though it's completely out of season I mean Day of the Dead isn't for another like what - 6 months? But honestly you guys loved the Diamond Sugar Skull so much that I definitely had to do another one for you guys. And honestly, that first look was the first sugar skull I've ever created, not just on my channel, but in general - I've never done a sugar skull and I wanted to do something extremely original that also paid homage to this beautiful tradition. Today's look is a little less costume, a little less wearable, but I really designed it particularly to look good in photos...and just happened to record it for a tutorial for you guys as well. And just like the Diamond Sugar Skull, I didn't walk into this video with like, a plan.

Studded Sugar Skull Makeup Tutorial

So...I just arranged the studs on the face the way they looked good in the moment and the way that I knew that they would photograph well. But of course, I love when you guys take creative license on my looks, so please rearrange the studs how you'd like and please share on Instagram if you do. And we're gonna jump right in, but of course if you're not already subscribed to my channel, please hit that subscribe button below to catch all my latest and greatest videos. 

To get started, I like to map out the eye sockets with a brow pencil. I just traced over the brow and under the eyes - and this can totally be subjective...you can create a perfect circle or you can make it a little more skull like which is what I did today...or even a more exaggerated expression. -- and same for the nose, I created an M shape on the bridge and then outlined around the nostrils to create that hole where the nose would be on a skull. And then once you've got your outlines in place, paint them in with black gel eyeliner. Black gel creates a saturated black that's guaranteed to stay all day. Next, I'm using cream foundation to perfect the area around the sockets where I'm applying studs. Concealer would also work great here...but don't worry about finishing the entire face, we're gonna go back to that jawline here in a little bit. Cone shaped studs are super easy to find in craft stores and online. And with touch of latex free lash adhesive, they adhere to the skin easily. I'm applying the studs along the underside of the socket line and then creating a small pattern of them towards the nose. -- like I said earlier, I didn't have a plan, I just kind of made it up as I went. Over the brow, I applied smaller studs using the same method. And I know that this seems time consuming, but once you're in a rhythm, it actually goes pretty quick. I went even smaller at the nose, applying these gold-toned swarovski crystals - still tracing that socket line. And then is where I started to branch out. I applied a larger stud to the center of the chin.

And then I created a design in the center of the forehead over the nose. Honestly, the possibilities are endless and that's why I love doing looks like this - as you can see, there's no exact science. One thing I like to do though is apply smaller Swarovski crystals around the entire design to make it seem more intricate...the same way I did in my original Diamond Sugar Skull video. I even went in and added some silver studs at the temples and down near the mouth to break up all that gold. And once you have your crystals arranged where you like them, you can start the jaw. I simplified the jaw line and made it more of a design than an actual anatomically correct skull =- literally tracing the underside of the cheekbone and then filling with black gel liner the same way I did for the eye sockets - and then following with that cream foundation to fill the gaps where bare skin showed though. 

And I just want you guys to know that for the final shoot, I did go back in and perfect the black area with shadow because I literally couldn't see what I was doing...so I apologize for that! Moving on to the lips, I used brow pencil to create vertical lines over the lips to create the look of teeth and roots. And for this sugar skull I decided to do something a little but different and I applied white liquid liner to the lips between the lines to create actual teeth shapes...and then used that same liner to line the upper lash line - and let me tell you guys, white liner over black looks wicked cool. And then I added some finishing touches, I applied clear crystals to the center of each tooth, and then I applied silver glitter liner over the lashes after applying mascara to create a little hint of metallic. And that's it! Again, have fun! Most of this video is just being creative and not a lot of specific technique. And again, after cleaning up that jaw area off camera, I was able to photograph the look to create this image. It came out exactly how I wanted it to and it created a completely different look than my first Diamond Sugar Skull. So as always, I hope you guys enjoyed this look and can't wait to bring you a new one

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