Thursday, March 31, 2016

Easter Nail Art! | Nails By Kizzy

Hey guys! Today I'll be showing you how to do these Easter nails So to create the design you will need A base and top coat white and black nail polish and some pastel polishes I'm using a pink, blue, yellow, purple and orange a dotting tool and a small brush So let's get straight into the tutorial! After applying base coat, paint all your nails with 2 coats of white nail polish and make sure to let it dry in between each coat The thumb, index and little finger will have a dry brush design on them So start by taking 1 of your pastel polishes, I'm using the pink, and wiping mostofthe nail polish off the brush and then swipe it on the nail in different directions Agh! OMG did you just see that?!.

That right there is why you should always let the base colour dry fully before doingany nail art So moving on, I then wiped off most of the nail polish off the blue and swiped thaton the nail And I continued doing this with the rest of the pastel colours I went over some of the colours again just to make them a little bit brighter On the middle and ring finger I made some little chickies I put a blob of yellow polish on a plastic sheet and dipped a dotting tool in it and then I made 2 circles, 1 for the chicks head and 1 for the body It was at this point that I realised I really can't make neat circles with a dottingtool and so I used a small brush to neaten it up.

Next I put a blob of orange polish down and using the same small brush I gave the chickie some little feet by making 2 small lines and I made a small triangle for the beak I dipped a small dotting tool into some black nail polish and made a tiny dot forthe eye Depending on the size of your nails you may be able to add another chick They ended up looking more like ducks than chicks but they're still pretty cute Finally, I just added top coat over the design and it's done! And this is the finished design!

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