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Can Turmeric Replace Exercise? - Saturday Strategy

Can turmeric replace exercise? There was a study done by the American Journal of hypertension and they broke up a couple of groups up. In one group they were just doing exercise and one group they were doing turmeric and they were testing it on the heart to see which group did better and they we're about the same in both of those tests. What's interesting is they added a third group and in this group they actually took the turmeric and exercise and they found that the benefits outweigh both the other groups together so the combination of the two actually increase the results dramatically. So if you are already exercising every single day or three to four days a week or you are in pain and don't feel like exercising, knowing that turmeric is almost as effective or as effective as exercise is a really, really cool thing for your heart coz we wanna have an amazing heart. 

That's what pumps our blood, that's the life force, that's what creates the ability to do what we do every single day so if you are the type of person that has had a chronic injury of the past and you look out into the world and you see people exercising, our athletes and you wish that you could exercise like them but because of this past injury you're just not able to knowing that turmeric, this right here can give you the same benefits as actually doing exercise or almost and I would be taking this every single day if I were you. 

Also when taking turmeric make sure you're getting the full spectrum as well or the whole root because you've heard me talk about this before but like into a vitamin that's just one vitamin like B12. B12 actually has to go on to your body and scrape those other vitamins to actually put it together to be the full food value of what your body needs to actually absorb and if it's completely there, if it's a full food when you eat it you get all of those vitamins and minerals and it doesn't have to scavenge throughout the body to actually create that one thing that your body needs and that's really cool. So when looking for turmeric make sure it's either the whole food or you're getting a full spectrum type of turmeric. 

So it could be a little taxing on your body if you're taking something that's only one sublet of it you know it's looking for different things to put it together. It's mugging your body if other vitamins and minerals when you were just doing what you wanted to do because you wanted to be healthy you know taking a multi vitamin that has all these vitamins and you think you're doing yourself a favor but it's not the full food, whole food value. You could be robbing your body of other vitamins and minerals. Alright so here's one of my favorite recipes and if you want something that's really easy, I use a cold press juicer. 

Bunch of turmeric, bunch of ginger, and a little bit of lemon put it in here, put it in a mason jar and this will last three or four days. I take it at the end of every meal, just a little bit and sometimes add a little olive oil or MCT oil to it as well to help transport some of the other fat soluble curcumin in here coz turmeric is actually water soluble, this stuff that is great for repairing your DNA and anti-ageing and then the fat soluble side of curcuminoids or curcumin 123 are the actual constituents of it are actually good for anti-tumor, anticancer all of those things. So you want the full spectrum, if you're just buying curcumin then I would encourage you to look into some of the water soluble aspects of turmeric and a full spectrum value as well. Just because I know that repairing DNA as you age, anti-ageing your skin, different things that come with the benefits of the water soluble turmeric is different than the fat soluble curcuminoids, just a little tip for you. At the very beginning of the video, we addressed can turmeric replace exercise? And the answer is no. exercise is absolutely amazing for you and I encourage everybody to do it. 

The problem is not everybody can exercise. They're in pain, there's injuries of the past, arthritis, heart disease, all these things creep up and they keep us from expressing mobility, moving but in the studies that I've looked at, turmeric is almost as effective as actual exercise and of itself for the cardiovascular system. So what I want you to do and I wanna encourage you to do is start eating whole foods, start eating foods that are loaded with micronutrients and macronutrients and getting the full profile. Add turmeric into your diet if you're not already because that can absolutely be a game changer for you and if you are exercising, add it in as well. You're only gonna get more benefits for your heart. This is one of my go to's, one of my favorite things. You all gonna love it. 

Alright so at that time, who won the juicer? Remember next week if you wanna win the juicer, scroll down to the bottom of this blog post, leave a comment below about how your life has changed by implementing some of the strategies and tips that we talked about on FitLife TV. Today's juicer winner is Chastity Pin! Chastity and her son both experienced migraines. Since she started exercising and making smoothies every day, she's noticed a great improvement. She said she's learning a lot from FitLife TV. Chastity tried this amazing new juicer from the fine people at Kuvings. Use it to squeeze even more nutrients into your body and check out meal plan for anti-inflammatory foods as well. Congratulations Chastity! Anyway thanks for joining me in my kitchen. I'm Drew Canole, I can't speak enough about how impactful turmeric is and if you learned anything in this video whatsoever, give it a big thumbs up, like it, love it, share it and as always remember we're in this together and I'll see you next week.

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