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Beauty Guru Camera Secrets || Look Skinnier On Camera 4 Lens Test || Selfie & Filming Tips

I have to tell you a story today, it's a sad story unfortunately, and if you guys haven't joined this super weird wacky family yet, I encourage you guys to subscribe, I make two videos a week and you'll get notifications of them the other day I was filming and sometimes when I film this kind of scenes, I actually have my camera sitting on the windowsill I like it because I don't have to use a tripod or anything, anyways after finish filming I left the camera there and then it got dark and then I forgot about it was I wearing glasses, no, I wasn't wearing glasses I was closing my curtains getting ready for bed and then I heard this crash every time I hear a crash my heart sings a little and I kind of panic oh my god!, what just happened, so I looked down on the floor and then I saw that.. NOOO"¦ 

My lens just ripped apart and it was just lying there on the floor at first I couldn't figure out whether I broke the lens or the camera I don't even know which one would've been worse, because my lens is actually more expensive than my camera, go figure then I realised that my lens broke I sighed like sigh of relief because at least I didn't have to buy a new camera I have more lenses and at least I could film while I replace this lens I feel like this lens is very cursed because this is the second time that it'sbroken and I have to send it back to Canon to get it fixed still cheaper than buying a new lens so I'm still going to be doing that because of this horrible accident and this why I cannot have nice things I went on google and started searching for what would be a replacement lens I thought to myself maybe this happened so that I can get a brand new lens thatis amazing but I was just a little bit cheeky and I typed in lenses that make you look skinnier I found this crazy crazy picture and I thought.

I had to share with you guys hopefully what I'm about to share with you guys today will maybe make you think twice before you do this why is she so pretty?, why do I look like such a potato? auh.. (meow) Mikki come here and potato, (meow) come here, do you think I'm a potato (meow) you think I'm a potato.. uhg, come here I should put on some makeup.. too lazy this is the picture that I found on google, it explained a whole lot of things kind of made sense to me because I had always avoided certain lenses in my kit I bought these awesome portrait lenses that create a really nice bokeh and bokeh is like that really blurry background I never use them, because every time I started filming with them, I just kind of felt a bit wider than normal like I put on a lot of weight and I am like no way but instead I've been using this really expensive lens, is one of the lenses that make you look the skinniest so there is reason why I've been super attached to this super expensive lens so for those of you who are familiar with lenses and how they work why do the lens the more the lens can fit in, so if you are holding a camera at a certain distance a wide lens would be able to fit in a huge amount of background in to it and a non-wide lens or usually like a portrait lens only fits in and small amountof background reason why a wide lens makes you look skinnier is because is trying to fit in all of this background into the one image so it kind of squashes things, and is kind of like a fisheye effect, so a fisheye lens is like a super wide lens the thing with the fisheye is because it's so wide it really distorts and if you ever used a fisheye lens, when you are in the center of the fisheye it kind of like slims you down a lot, like it gives you this full like bubble 3D effect that I really really love, watch my daytime blog, this is what happened, I was like why is my face.. 

My face is so skinny, even my fiance was like you look really good in this video there are obviously wide lenses that aren't as distorting and these are the ones that are probably best if you wanna look skinny in yourphotos and the good news is most compact cameras, like this one that I have by Canon that I use to blog, actually have the superwide lens so that you look the best in them, once you are getting into professional lenses and portrait lenses, you find that they are not as skinnifying and this explained why a lot of the times when I got my photos professionally taken I felt like I put on so much weight because of the lens that they used I really wanted to show you guys this in practice, I actually got a whole bunch of my lenses here so you can see for yourself howtrue this is I wanted to show you guys what each lens looked like, while sitting on the same exact spot on the bed you can see how the fisheye pretty much captures my whole room whereas the 50mm basically did just a huge close up if you look at the 50mm lens by Canon, it literally made my face look like a square really wide and not only that it also flattens your face, I don't think this is a really flattering lens but it creates a very blurry background the next lens is 30mm lens and you can see it has captured a little bit more ofabackground is a little bit more flattering on the face and moving on to the next lens, I'm using a Sigma 18-250mm this is at 18mm and you can see it's made me a lot skinnier and very very flattering and it's got the perfect amount of background for whatIneed in the shots the fisheye literally took everything in the room it obviously distorts it because it's so wide, basically shot up to where the tripod was, like widthwise it was crazy so it captured all the mess that I was trying to hide, so I made this photo to show you what the lens did to your face and your face shape, I made sure that every single picture in this frame has my face at the exact sameheight only the width is different and you can see how different the face looks just by using different lenses, another thing you want to know about a camera is that the thing that is closest to you actually is bigger so if I took my head down and look up, you'll notice that my eye look super big and if I do the opposite my lips look bigger, so this is all a matter of perspective yeah, you can make yourself look different just by looking up or down, or putting the camera higher or lower is super amazing so for those of you guys that you know just want to look a bit skinnier in yourphotos here is some tips, buy a wider lens there are some really cool apps that help make you look skinnier one of them is Beauty Plus, which has this like long leg feature that just makes your legs super long, is just really easy to use.

 I know from experience also if you want to look skinnier on a wide angle lens make sure you stand towards the middle of the lens because the edges of the lens like here tend to distort so if you are doing a group photo and you have a wide lens and you are standing on the edge you actually risk being like fatter because the distortion will start to stretch your face towards the edge and you'll just look like super funny, try and get to the center of the photo wondering why you look different on different phones it could because of the wide angle as well my Samsung Galaxy S6 has a wider camera so when I hold it out at arm's length I'm getting a lot more background in the shot and my face is a lot smaller with the iphone it's not so wide and that's a reason why I switch phones simply because I wanted to look skinnier in my pictures the other thing is that the Galaxy S6 has this cool function call beautify and it actually makes your face look slimmer which is crazy and you can actually adjust how much of that it does and also for those of you guys wanting your face to look smaller and skinnier the back of the photo is always the best spot so I hope today's video help you guys understand a little bit more about camerasand lenses and how could that affect how someone looks like on screen I know a lot of you guys think that because it's a video that it's like real life and I hope this video shows you that what you see on Youtube or on video may not be a reflection of real life so there is no need to feel like a potato because we are probably potatoes as well, we are just using a lens that makes us look skinnier and this will also explain why some people just seem to look better on videos maybe they are just using a super flattering lensI just really wanted to make this video for you guys because I thoughtit wassuper interesting,it's a little bit different to normal and that it has help you in someway, shape or formfor those of you guys wanting to know what I useI linked my lens in the description box below, it's a little bit expensive andit's broken,right now I'm using a Sigma which I'll also link down belowalso if you guys missed my everyday makeup tutorial and other videosI've link it here for you guysdon't forget that I love you guys so so so muchand I'll see you guys right back here on thursday for a video that youguys voted for bye

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