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Baking Your Face DIY | Beauty Tips For Face

Good day everybody And welcome to the first episode of Zlinka's Beauty Corner and this is the corner that we are going to try out some beauty tips that I find online, and i will be doing them 'Live'? for you guys, so while I'm doing it, it will be the first time for you to witness and we are just going to work at it together so the technique that I'm going to use today is the all new and favorite 'Baking Technique' Just recently heard about the Baking Technique and I'm actually very intrigued by it anything to get my skin to look brighter. I tell you what So if your not familiar with the Baking Technique what you do is you put your foundation on as you will, you put your concealer on , as you will which i already have on.

And you go grab some baking powder you SLAP that on You stick your head in the oven and you call it good!  I've been workin' on that one all day What we going to need We already have our concealer on This is the concealer that i use Obviously , if you watch my videos you know that this is the concealer THAT I USE. 

So this is Maybelline Master Conceal You need a beauty sponge Look how cute this is! Look how tiny, compared to my thumb It's so cute! so you need a beauty sponge and then you need your Translucent Powder Any of your choosing, Whatever you like Obviously the ones for setting Purposes You want to use those But honestly, any of them are gonna work. Is what i've read I haven't used this technique, I swear To the ends of the Earth This is called 'Baking' so we're gonna get Baked Together! Pun, add Pun...Baked...Get it? NO? ok whatever You guys are no fun, Come On now Get with it, Get with the program Got my little work station here Getting everything prepared and you want to use a very liberal amount of powder Alright , you want to get your beauty sponge damp Like i said, I already have my Concealer on I'm probably going to reset it though Just so that it's fresh So the process of the baking, is the purpose of not getting lines and creases, and i get those all the Freakin' Time See , i'm already getting lines. So your gonna take your damp Beauty Sponge and looks like your going to tap it your going to dip it in your translucent powder and your just going to place it were you want baked and it says, in a liberal amount So like that? My sponge is not, There we go Oh! Uh Oh You feel how it clays up I'm assuming i'm doing it right Anywhere else I should put it? 

And your suppose to do this so this is brightening technique too Is what it says So put it where you want brightened But mostly to put it where to prevent creases I'm getting it in my eye! There we go, OH it's in my eye! So you sit it here for, 10-15 Minutes and then you brush it off lightly So we are going to sit it here for 10minutes I'm not very patient So 10 minutes, then rub it off to see what we get Alrighty guys, So it's been about, About 12 Minutes I'm noticing, as it's drying So i get why you need to wait, It's kind of like a face mask where you need to wait for it to dry, is how i'm feeling so, i did read that you need to get a nice feathering brush So I'm going to use, just my e.l.f Blush Brush Because it's very soft, and I can just rub it off so you want to gently, I was reading up on it While you guys were waiting on me while doing other things but you want to just gently brush it off so you want to have a gentle hand and not like GET INTO, you kinda just want to feather it I'm just gonna do, like the Forehead and everything first I definitely see it falling off It's like everywhere Can you see that? It's flying Everywhere! 

I kinda got some on my wet line I don't know how i'm going to get that with a brush So , Ok, I'll do this side before i give my final review Need like a mask or something, my goodness! So i can definitely see how this can be a Oh i didn't do it on my eyelids, did I Can you guys even tell, well, ya, there's a bit of a highlight so i can definitely see the benefits of it it feel very clay though Like i feel like, there's something stuck to the bottom of my eyelid but you still see the lines I don't know if you can still see the creases Of my under eye But i kind of like the highlighting affect that it's doing that's cool that's good, yes I hope i did it right though, i didn't want to do too much Because I didn't want to choke me out with powder But i definitely seeing the highlight, that actually really cute Cute! I give it 5 Cutes out of 7 Because 7's a lucky number, it doesn't go up to 10 it goes up to 7 So overall , i think i'm happy with it I can see the highlight From back here Hopefully it's not too white though, It kinda looks like it's too white is it too white? I don't know Anyway guys, I hope you enjoyed this video I think i'm going to do this as a series let me know if you want me to do more I like to do DIY off the internet Especially when it pertains to beauty So if you like Zlinka's Corner, Beauty Corner What did i call it? Zlinka's Beauty Corner

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