Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Hairstyles - Easy Flipped Braid Updo

I'm Mindy, and Brooklyn from Cute Girls Hairstyles, and we're here today to show you what might quite possibly be the world's easiest updo. - Easiest hairstyle. And hairstyle. Either one. - [Brooklyn] Both. (laughs) And we are calling it the Flipped Braid Updo. This one's gonna be fantastic. You're all gonna love me for this one for prom. So if you like videos like these, be sure to give us the thumbs up, leave us a comment and let us know, and do not forget to go check out Brooklyn and Bailey's new channel that they started that has seven sets of twins putting up content every day of the week. - It's called Squared. - Squared, because there's two of everyone. 

Yes. And you can find a link right here by clicking this Information Button. And let's get going. K, to begin this hairstyle, you can see that I have just pulled Brooklyn's hair back into a low ponytail. I did add a little teasing right through here just to add some volume so when we're finished it will puff a little more. And the only other difference is that you can see I've secured her hair with just one of these little tiny elastics; which is really unusual for her hair. 

So I'm going to divide this part now into three pieces and create the braid, just a basic braid. She has layers; you'll see sometimes they come popping out. It's just the way it is when you have layered hair, huh Brooklyn? Very much so. (laughs) you just get used to working with it. And when I get to the end, I'm gonna also secure the end with one of those little tiny elastics; and the reason being is that we wanna try to keep th elastics as hidden as possible; so you'll see this becomes important in just a minute. So now, I'm gonna just gently pull this down just a little bit to loosen this up, and I'm going to create a little pocket right here kind of like on the very edge of her hair. So we take the hair up and through the little pocket we just created; and that's gonna flip this hair and make a nice little hole; and we're just gonna kind of flip that hair so it flips upside down. See how it goes? Now we're hiding that little elastic right there. 

We're gonna take this braid up and over that area. And then we're going to create a secondary little pocket, or little hole through her hair, right here on this side; and we're gonna take those ends back down, like this; and we're gonna hide all of that on the bottom. So what we want to do now is just make sure our braid is nice-and-center pretty, and take some bobby pins and start securing it. And we have this fun little updo that was really pretty easy. Now to just make it a little bit more fancy, I have this fun little comb; I'm just gonna slip it down right there too, and add just a little more vavoom to the whole style. I like to just go back and tug and pull here just to add more volume to the top, but this is totally optional. This is a more grownup look for an updo, adds a little more fullness around the face. So, totally up to you. Here's the final spin on this updo. It looks really good. Do do do! There you go!

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