Thursday, March 10, 2016


I'm going to give you guys, five tips on what you can do year round to stay as lean as humanly possible. Point Number 1 Have a big post workout meal. There are really two reasons for this. The first is that after a workout, your muscles are primed to uptake more of the nutrients that you put into your body. This is a good thing. You have to want your bodies to uptake most of the nutrients and push them into the muscles and not store them as body fat. Point Number 2 - Hit your macros. Now at least for me, it's not very hard for me to go over my macros. As former athlete, I probably ate around upwards of 10,000 calories or more a day, so I could really eat. With that said, whenever my physique starts to look a little soft, or not look as on point, I can usually track if back to one thing. Not following the diet to a T. If you want results, then follow your diet plan. You can't expect results from a plan you didn't follow. 

Point Number 3 - Have a fridge and/or a microwave available if you travel. As someone who travels quite frequently, this is point is absolutely critical. Most people will use travelling as an excuse which in my opinion is just complete laziness. If that's what you want to do, then by all means, go ahead. But trying to say, you can't choose what you eat when you travel is kind of like saying, you didn't have any choice in the matter. 

There are only two things in life that you have to do. The first is to pay your taxes and the second is we all have to die. Moral of the story, if it's important to you, you'll make it happen. End of discussion. Now the two things you should really focus on when you're travelling are these: Make sure that the hotel you're staying at has a fridge and a microwave available. If they have both of these, then you're in business and should find it very easy to stay on track of your goals. So plan ahead and make a few phone calls and make sure that the place you're staying at least has a microwave or fridge for you use. 

Point Number 4 - Have some go to foods. Sometimes, unpredictable things happen in our lives and we're going to be forced to eat what's available because we either didn't bring our food or haven't been home in time to cook. So here's what you do. Make a list of some go to foods that you can get quickly no matter where you are. Even if I don't have my food with me, getting oatmeal, a salad from Chipotle, chicken from a steak house, or even a sub from Subway is always going to be an option. Have a go to food list that you can pull out your back pocket any time that unpredictable situation arises. It'll really help you to stay on track with your goals and your diet. Point Number 5 - Always do cardio. Now besides the fact that this is going to be great for your cardio vascular health, it's also going to be good to help you get any extra calories you might do whether you might slip up or it's an accident. For example, if you're on If It Fits Your Macro's tight based diet and you're at a party, you probably going to end up guesstimating some of your portion sizes, so you could easily go over your calories without knowing it. Let's say you're doing cardio, maybe five, six days a week for 20 minutes, or more, those extra calories that you consume won't probably hurt you if at all. There will be much easier to stay lean year round if you implement a consistent cardio schedule. So those are the five tips guys.

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