Thursday, March 10, 2016

Nail art watercolor & Gel Foil

Hi! Today I will show you bling bling ang girly geometric nail art That I've done with the gel and with a mix of watercolor. First I have made a baby boomer base, it is a gradient French manicure done with the Formula X Clix from Sephora's website and some pigments Click on the annotated video to learn how to do a Baby Boomer Now with the Mijello watercolor, I draw this triangular shape. I draw 2 lines that join in the middle And then with a wet brush I make a gratient from it. First of all, I have mattefied my base with a top coat. I use the pink watercolor and I do the same shape This time I make a gradient in the opposite direction Use a few amount of water to work on a matte base Otherwise the watercolor won't stick on it. 

But here the gradient won't have to appear well simply because I wanted a light gradient But otherwise, to obtain a beautiful watercolor gradient it has to be done on a frosted base Or with a frosted gel for example. Now I draw several triangular lines. Now let's do the same drawing for the other fingers. But this time I have inverted the direction and I will apply the color inverted direction Voila! The gradient watercolor is done. 

Now I will use the Gel Transfer (Clear) by Beauty Nails This transfer gel is available since yesterday It is the first time that I'm using a transparent gel Since it is very fluid, you can draw easily The only negative thing is that it is transparent. On a light base, like here for example, you can't see it. But however, the fact that it is transparent, is an advantage If it happens that your foil won't stick, The defects and the small holes won't appear. If you've applied your foil wrongly, if you have done an awry or thick line or if it has overflown, you can simply scratch it with a small stick It won't appear at all because it is transparent A black gel foil will be seen for sure! I put it under the led lamp It takes only 30 seconds to dry unlike the other gel that takes 2 minutes with the UV I place it 30 seconds under the lamp Then I apply the foil by Beauty Nails I press hard on the foil paper without rubbing it. And I remove it! So here is it! 

The foil has been transfered If it has overflown, don't worry, just scratch it. Since I want the design to be more shinny I add some rhinestones mixed with gel or varnish at different places, as you can see here. Then I apply a semi-permanent top coat to protect the design otherwise it will ruin the design and it will make it ugly. Now I apply the topcoat and the rhinestone then I put it under the led or UV lamp Finally I degrease it and it's done! So here is it! Hope you like it? I hope this will inpsire you to do some designs. See you next week Don't forget to follow me on Instagram or on my app If you have an interesting idea for my next video, please leave a comment below. See you soon! Bye!

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