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My name is Harley Quinn, and I'm here to show ya how to get four distinctly different Harley Quinn makeup looks. Whether it's for Halloween, a convention, or just out grocery shopping. First necessity for all of these looks is to change those muddy brown eyeballs to bright blue. These icy blue contacts are for pinky paradise. Now for the classic Harley look, you wanna cover your face in white clown paint. Let each layer dry and do two or three layers to make sure every inch of sanity is covered up. Just make sure to avoid your eyeballs. Then set it all with some white or translucent powder. Next, cover your eyelids in red eyeshadow. Then, with black eyeshadow, fill in the outer corner and just smudge it in.

Next, put on some classy winged eyeliner and some huge, trashy false eyelashes. Then cover all of your fake and real eyelashes with black mascara. Put on some black lipstick and fill in that Cupid's bow. I mean, who needs Cupid when you already have Mr. J? Then use some liquid eyeliner to extend your smile just a little bit, and connect it with the rest of your lipstick. Then stick on a mask and hold it firmly until the spirit gum dries.

Then you're all done and ready for your jester costume. Now you're the perfect classic Harley and ready to pull some jokes with Mr. J. Next is my look from the upcoming Suicide Squad movie. First, cover your entire face and neck with the lightest foundation you can find. Do a couple layers, and then set it with translucent powder. Next, cover your right eyelid with red eyeshadow and extend it out past your eyelid just a little bit. Then drag the eyeshadow down your face in streaks, like you've been cryin'. Then take a bright blue eyeshadow and do the exact same thing on the other side. Then just take both your hands and smudge it all around because who needs to be neat? Draw on a little wing with black eyeshadow and smudge it in, then sweep it under your eyelid for good measure. Surround your eye in black eyeliner and draw on a little wing, and just smudge it all out.

Then throw on some black mascara and use some blush to carve in your cheekbones just a little bit. Not too much. Fill in your eyebrows if you feel like it, then line and fill in your lips with a dark red lip liner. Then cover those lips with a brighter red lipstick. The final touch is to draw on a little heart with some liquid eyeliner. Then you realize that you drew it on too big, so you rub it off and then draw it on again, but smaller. And you're done, ready to team up with some bad guys to fight some other bad guys. You can draw on more tattoos with eyeliner if you want, but I decided to just go with the heart today. Bonus look time! If you wanna be Suicide Squad Harley after a fight, just add a bunch more of the eyeshadow around your eyes and smudge it all around. Draw a little cut on your forehead with some lipliner and fill it in with dark eyeshadow and smudge it around a bit with your finger. Then add that dark eyeshadow the center again and smudge your face around with some dirt. Here I just used some black and brown eyeshadow. Draw two tiny streaks of lipstick underneath your lips and smudge it with your finger. Then put on even more black eyeshadow, and smudge it out. And finally, draw some black eyeshadow streaks underneath your eyes. And you're done.

Who knows who you got beat up by this time? This next look is based on Harley in the Arkham series video games. Cover your face, and just your face, in one layer of white clown makeup. Set it with translucent powder, and then use some bronzer to contour your cheekbones, your temples and your nose. Then add some blush to the apples of your cheeks and fill in your eyebrows with brown eyeshadow. Next, cover your crease with red eyeshadow and sweep it under your eyes as well. Next, use black eyeshadow to draw on a little V and blend it out with the brush. Pack it on really heavy on the outer corner of your eye and sweep it under your eye as well. Then just drag some of that down in streaks. Next, cover your lips in red eyeliner, red lipstick and then outline them with black eyeshadow. Then you can just press your lips together to just smudge it around a bit. Then put on some black winged eyeliner and really fill in your lower lash line with black. Next for some more false eyelashes and blending it all in with some more black mascara. If you want, you can even dab on the mascara wand onto those black streaks for extra messiness.

Now add a blond wig and a skimpy outfit and you're done. Now you're ready to go catch that stupid B-man. The final look can actually be built on top of this one, so just take off the blond wig because this one is Joker-inspired. So you can look like your very own Mr. J. Now pack on that black eyeshadow all around your eyeballs, and fan it out in streaks in all directions. This is the messiest look of them all. So you can do whatever you want. Next, draw on a big smile with some dark red lipliner and throw on some branches as well, cuz this is gonna be a messy scar. Next, layer on some Rigid Collodion. Let it dry and add layer after layer after layer, until you're happy with how tight your scars have gotten and how deep the gash is. You might wanna skip this step if you have sensitive skin, but you can find Rigid Collodion at just about any Halloween store. When it's all done and ready, draw through the scars with some black eyeshadow. Then just start smearin' red lipstick all over it, including the little branches. Finally, smudge the red lipstick straight across your lips. And you're done. You can finally match Mr. J. Thanks for watching everybody, I know Brizzy had a lot of requests for this. So if you have any other requests for videos you'd like Brizzy to do, leave 'em in the comments below and also tell us in the comments which Harley look was your favorite. I'll see you guys later! Buh-bye!

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