Saturday, February 27, 2016

How To Boost Your Metabolism To Burn More Fat

Hi guys this is Ivana and today I'm gonna talk to you about how to boost your metabolism to burn more fat so when we're talking about metabolism were basically referring to the basal metabolic rate BMR which is what your body is doing all the physiological processes that your body go through so cell growth and blood circulation respiration digestion all of those things combined are your basal metabolic rate so how can we increase our basal metabolic rate well the first thing is to build muscle through weight training if you build muscle muscle is much more metabolically active then so it basically takes a lot more calories in order to sustain itself so if you have more muscle you're going to need more calories in order to maintain that muscle so where you gonna be a weight-training an ideal a three times a week maybe more if necessary and three times a week is going to be enough for you to create some muscle and then you're gonna be burning more and more calories all day long the second thing is to make sure that you're getting enough calories so if you're a prolonged period of calories restriction and that's what we referred to as dieting ok.

So there are lots of diet out there but when you're talking about dieting it means a long period of calorie restriction so you're gonna be lowering your calories to say something ridiculous maybe 1200 they recommend for women which is crazy even for men some guys are doing like 1600 calories a day which is very very low you need to actually be getting in more calories in order to keep your metabolism high if you reduce your calories too far you're basically slowing your whole metabolic rate your body is adjusting to whatever calories that you're going to be giving it so if your calories are way too low your BMR is going to be going down down down and that's not going to help you lose weight 

So in order to increase your metabolism you need to weight train build some muscle and then you need to eat plenty of good food and we'll talk about some great foods in another video so hopefully I catch you next time.

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