Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Triple-Flip Combo | Faux Braid Hairstyles

I think today she's Kamry but we're going to show you guys how to do a Triple Flip Combo, which is an awesome hairstyle that I love. It's so fun and it's of course simple, which is always what we're looking for. Now, I have a serious question for you guys because I cannot decide. We are wanting to make CGH, Cute Girls Hairstyles, even more awesome. And so we are thinking about either adding family vlog videos or guest contributors to do more hairstyles. And we need you guys to help us figure out which we're gonna do so leave a comment below, leaving which one you prefer and give this video a thumbs up and let's go. 

Now to begin this hairstyle, i parted her hair just slightly off-center where she kind of likes to wear it. And I'm going to take my fingers and kind of run them down behind her ears and seperate her hair into three sections So the outer two sections, right here. I'll do it again so you guys can see. The outer two sections should be even and the middle section should be bigger than the outer two. So you're going to have to kind of just feel. 

I can tell this one's too big. Until you get it about the way you want it. That looks about right to me. So then you take the hair, you just smooth it, you can use a comb if you want to. Get it into a loose ponytail right here and use an elastic, a small elastic to secure it. You can see I'm not securing this tightly, like against the head. And then I'm going to create a hole and flip it inside out. So we just did a little flipped pony right there. 

Now we're going to take this side ponytail and repeat that same process. I'm just gonna smooth the hair the way I like it. Like this, make sure I don't have any crazies, Again, loose, not this loose, not tight against the head. Use an elastic. Create a ponytail. Make a little pocket, hole, and flip it. We're going do it on the other side too. When you get your three little flips in place, you can even tug these down if you need to. If they're not, if they're not too far because we're going to take them and tuck them into this middle flip. Like this, and like this. 

And we don't want those elastics to show. So if you need to remove those elastics down a little bit, you totally can. Now we want to go back and just pull a little bit, and we're going to kind of hold on this, and loosen the flips because we want this hair to be a little bit dynamic and to really show the texture from all of the flips combined together. This, and I am just going to take this top one with a little tug, so that it tightens it up. This, and then I'm going to go back up in here and loosen this as well so that it blends and just looks really full and pretty, like this. Now when you get this part the way you like it, now you have essentially two ponytails at the bottom. You have these two from the ends and then you have this little bit bigger one. Now these two little pieces back here create the perfect sections to wrap around the hair and begin a little pull through braid. So we're just gonna secure these together with another elastic, divide this back piece in half, wrap it around the front, secure with an elastic, and continue this process all of the way down. And of course, as you guys know, I love to pancake everything. So I'm going to go back and pancake all of those pull through pieces just to really fluff and make that dynamic and full. Alright, let's do the final spin. Here we are. Do, do, do, do. Such a fancy shmancy one but so easy.

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