Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Men’s Hairstyles You Should Try in 2016

Men’s Hairstyles . I've got four different hairstyle that I saw at LCM - London Collections Men- Or quite simply Men's Fashion Week I saw the fashion on the catwalk for autumn/winter 2016... But also got to see the hairstyle they were creating I'm going to show you how to recreate them yourself Katie Eary had two different hairstyle inspirations 60s rock'n'roll to Teenwolf. It's the Teen Wolf one that I loved. The hair was dampened using Fudge Tri Blo to create a foundation and control and then Fudge Hot Hed Style Whip was used to add loads of volume.

Using a hairdryer, the hair was dried in an upwards motion whilst spraying Skyscraper hairspray for hold. Finally, Fudge Hair Shaper was applied all over to created a bed head effect. Normally when I finish my quiffs, I spray it and that's it... But I'm definitely going to add more texture into it in the future. Matthew Miller's collection was all about strong shapes and soft textures. They wanted hair with body.

They used Thickening Tonic mixed with sea salt spray. They then used a clip in the hair, to hold the wave and dried with a diffuser. When it was dried, they worked a comb through the hair in a wave motion and then finished with Label M Grooming Cream throughout the hair. I loved the Belstaff collection There was loads of great stuff including this reverse shearling coat ... which I really, really loved... but really, really can't afford! Hair reflects the journey of riding through the snowy mountains messy and matte textures for helmet head. Hair was primed using Fudge Tri Blo. Fudge salt spray was then added direct to the roots to give a gritty texture Fudge Hair Shaper was added - pushing up for a messy effect. They wanted a matte finish so used Fudge Dry shampoo and their Elevate styling powder. My final look is from Chester Barrie and it's like nothing else you will haveseen here. The inspiration was an actor going to a premiere So it was really glamorous and glitzy The presentation was really cool and there was free flowing champagne which Istuck around for! They wanted hair looked matte, natural and groomed but not overly glamorous. Label M Volume Mousse was used first and dried away from the face with a hairdryer. A little bit (tiny!) of Label M Max Wax was worked into the hair to create separation and natural shine.

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