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Tips for Growing Healthy Nails That You Need To Know

Hey guys, how's it going?Anne here and today's video I'm going to sharewith you guys my favorite nail tips.I've always got complimented on my nails.I'm not saying that I'm all that,but growing up people always compliment mefor my nails.And they're always asking how do I keep them healthy? How do I keep my nails so long?And all that kind of stuff.Right now they're pretty short,because I like to keep my nails short.So today I'm going to share with you guysall of my favorite tips.While I was away traveling my nails were in really bad, in poor condition because it was just really hotand dry where I was,I didn't bring enough,I didn't bring the proper nail tools with me,and I just didn't know where to look for a good nail salon.

As you can see my nails are super shortjust because many of them chippedright to the tip of my fingers.And also my cuticles were bleeding.So now that everything is healedI am going to give myself a nice salon treatmentmanicure. First step is set yourself upwith a nice warm bowl of water.Now if you want strong, healthy nailsthen I suggest for you to add in a good tablespoon of salt and mix it in with your water.

This will give you nice, healthy nails.Now if your nails are yellowthen you can mix in either baking sodaor lemon to help you with the yellowing.It's also really good to take care of your handsall at the same time, not only your nails.So I'm going to be using a DIY sugar scrubthat I made in my how to shave video.I will link it below.It's really, really easy to do.So I'm taking a little bit of thatand I'm just scrubbing it all over my handsand this will just rejuvenate my handand give it a nice, soft, glowy feel.After exfoliating my skin is nice and super soft,just because my scrub has some essential oils init, therefore my skin is just super, super soft.Now with a cuticle pusher I'm pushing back my cuticles and this has a rubber tip,therefore it's nice and gentle.

So now it's time to trim your nails.If you want to trim it down a little bitor if you have any chipped nailsthen cut that before it gets worse.So my middle finger chipped earlier todayand I cut off a big chunk of my nails.Now I'm just going to cut off the little piecesthat were sticking out.And it's super, super short.I don't usually cut my nails this short, but in this case I have toto prevent it from getting worse.Alright, so after cutting your nailsit is now time to file them.And when you're filing your nailsmake sure to go in one direction while filing.

Do not go back and forth with your file,because it can cause your nails to cr@ckand split.Now it's time to buff your nails.So I found this four side bufferfrom Sally's Beauty Supplyand I love this stuff because it's great for youif you want to take a break from painting your nails, but yet you want it to have a nice sheen to it,this is the way to go.So it has four sides.The first side is to buff down any of the roughness and then it gets smoother as you go up.The fourth side, which is the last one,it gives you a nice, natural sheen.So this is great if you want to give your guy a manicure, it's very natural looking, and it's great for a day off of painting or a week off of painting.Now it's time to moisturize your nailsand also your cuticles.I don't usually just do my cuticles,I also do my nails at the same time,and sometimes my hands altogether.

So I'm using extra virgin olive oil,because it's natural, and it's very rich,and it's just a very, very moisturizing oil.If you want to give your hands the full treatmentthen rub this all over your handsand then take a nice, warm, damp toweland cover your hands with this.You can do this with a clean sock too if you likeand just let your hands relax while you're relaxing. A good five to 10 minutes should be good.And then you can wipe off the oils with your damp cloth. My hands are feeling super, super good right now.It's just so nice and smooth.This is the way to go if you want to keep healthy nails, especially after a rough trip like me.If you just haven't taken care of your nailsthen this is the way to go.

And if your nails are super, super brittlewhere they're always cr@cking,then keep on watching.Whenever my nails are feeling brittlethis is what I use.And you can find this at your local Sally'sor you can find other brands that are madeespecially for brittle, cr@cking, dry nails.If you will be painting this onjust make sure that your nails are clean from any oils, so that way this can adhere to your nails.If you're thinking about coloring your nails,then I suggest for you to look for polishesthat will stay on a little bit longer.By using something that lasts longerit will prevent you from going through the workof removing your nail polish with a nail polish remover and repainting over and over again.There are so many different types of gel polishes out there that you don't have to use the UV lamp anymore.Before you used to have to scruff up your nailsbefore painting on a gel polishand then going under a UV lamp,this time you just have to paint your nailswith a gel polish and that's it.Alright guys, thank you so much for watching.And if you found this video helpful or enjoyed itdon't forget to give it a thumbs up,it would truly, truly make my day.

Not only that, but you are supporting the community out, and also my videos.If you want to see more tutorials and all that kind of stuff I always try to make healthy video,helpful videos, and if you guys want to see more of that then make sure to comment, or thumbs up,or subscribe, so that way these videoscan pop up on your feed.And also comment below if you have any tipsthat you want to share with the rest of us.I probably didn't mention everything,so if you do have any tips that your momma taughtyo

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