Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Nail Art in Black and White

You guys know that I love color but today, I am going to show you that black and whitecan be also cool. What !? In this tutorial I'll show how you can easily achieve thesepretty black and white mix and match nails. Hey loves! Today I'm back with another nailart tutorial and it's a really special one because it's a collaboration with the beautifulJen from the channel Missjenfabulous.She makes DIY, beauty videos and amazing nail art tutorials.I love how they are always so creative, easy to make and they always turn out fantastic.So we decided to join our nail art forces and create mix and match nails. I came upwith this all black and white design, while she created a gorgeous colorful one. Makesure to watch her tutorial.

It will be linked at the end of this video and in the descriptionbox. But first, let me show you how to achieve this monochromatic creation, so go grab yourblack and white polish and let's dive in. My black and white polish are ready but let'sput them on a side for a minute because we have to prime our nails with a base coat first.This way we block the nasty staining and keep our nails pretty and healthy.Alright, now our nails are prepped and ready for some color. Paint your thumb and pointerblack. I have to apply two coats for an opaque result. Then paint your middle, ring and pinkyfinger in white. At this point your nails should look like this.

Quite a funny manicure!But don't worry because we are just getting started! Time to take out your artistic skillsand make some designs! On the ring finger we are making a beautifulflower design. Dip your medium sized dotting tool in black polish and make five dots closetogether like that to represent the petals. Make several of these flower shapes all overyour nail. Some can be bigger, some smaller because there are all sorts of flowers outthere. I still need some smaller dots to make thedesign fuller. Leave the polish dry and then proceed with the white. Make smaller whiteflower shapes on top of the bigger black ones. This way you will keep that black flower silhouette,which I think looks so stunning. And it seems like the design was so difficult to make whenit's in fact so easy! To complete the design make black dots in the center of each flower.

I think this design is so pretty even as an accent nail to a solid manicure. On my righthand I made this design on my thumb and I just switched the colors - so I have whiteflowers on black background and I absolutely love it!On the pinky we are making the easy and always cute polka dots design. Make a row of dotsalong the center of the nail and then add two rows by the sides. You can go for biggeror smaller dots, I went for a medium sized ones. If you don't have a dotting tool youcan use a q-tip or a toothpick to make this classic but lovely design.So far we made two black designs on the white background. But, on the middle finger, weare making a yin yang which represents balance and will connect all of the black and whitedesigns into a story. Here's how to make a perfect yin yang sign in an easy way! I liketo mark three dots along the center of the nail. Now just connect these dots making an"S" shape using a striper, precise brush or even a toothpick. It doesn't have to be flawlessright away, you can always go in later and perfect it. Then color one half in black.Yin Yang represents how opposite forces are actually interdependent and give rise to eachother.

All we have to do now is make a black dot on the white half and white dot on theblack half of the nail. Help! Moving to our black background designs. Onthe pointer we're drawing white triangles all over the nail. I am using my precise brush,which I got in a craft store for very cheap. And you guys know that i love it for nail art. The triangle lines don't have to be perfect and opaque yet รข€“ we are just making a draftfirst! Now we can go over all the lines again making them bolder and neater. I love thisdesign! The white triangles look so cool on the dark background, don't you think? Thisdesign itself could work great on all the nails or as an accent on a ring finger forexample. On the thumb let's make some classic and classyvertical stripes. I am not very good with a striper. That's why I decided to use a tape,which makes perfect stripe designs super easy to achieve. Stick parallel tape pieces alongthe nail, apply white polish and peel away the tape.

Here I am using a nail art tape,but you can make your own DIY nail art tape using usual scotch tape and scissors in aminute! my white polish was getting quite thick and gloopy so I had to mix in a fewdrops of nail polish thinner. Voila! The perfect stripes in no time! Oops I did it again! Noproblem because the precise brush takes care of such small errors in a sec. And here isour last design all done! I made the same designs on my right hand buti made horizontal stripes on the ring finger and flowers on the thumb.Finally we have to apply a top coat to seal all the designs, add some shine and protection.A matte top coat would look gorgeous on these nails too, but unfortunately I couldn't findit in any local store! That is it for my monochrome mix and match nail art. I hope you'll giveit a try and if you do so, please share your masterpieces with me on my social media becauseyou guys know that I love to see those. Let me know in the comments, what nail art youwould like to see next and off course don't forget to watch Jen's mix and match nailsand subscribe to her channel for more of her awesome videos. Thank you so much for watching,I heart you and take care until next time. Bye!Black and white can sometimes be associated with plain and boring, but the story behindthis strongest contrast is all but that. There's no shadow without light and not a day without

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