Sunday, March 13, 2016

Love Heart Sweet - Gel Polish design with 3D Acrylic Bow

We're going to do it really cute, inspired by the heart sweets. So because we're using gel polish I'm going to use a base coat, I'm going to base coat all five nails cos' we're going to do this design over all five nails. You just want a nice, thin coat on all five nails. Make sure when you're pulling the productdownyou cap the end. Now pop those into the LED lamp for one minute. Going to do a full colour on this nail, using barbie girl. Just going to bounce up and drag that down. Just going to do a semi-circle here with that colour as well. And on this one. And i want this to be nice and neat here, because we'll do another one here, which will make it look like a love heart but we will usea different colour for that. So pop those into the lamp and get those curing. 

So into LED lamp for one minute. While that's in I'm just going to mix some paler shades, so we've got lavish lavender that iwanttomake a little bit lighter, and also pool party. Then, with some of the white, we're going to lighten those up. Just going to mix those two together so we get a pale, lilac. Going to do the same again with this colour. Remember i said i was going to do another one here, so we're going to use the brush for thisbecausewe're going to go, doing this semi-circle. I want a bit more control because we're going round the edge of the pink. So you can see how you've got like a little heart shape as well at the tip there. 

Going to do a semi-circle here, keep it nice and neat at the cuticle. Now with this colour, we're going to do a heart at the bottom. We're going to cure that before the gel starts to move. Then we're going to use some of the lilac now that we've mixed. And I'm going to do the same as before but lower down So we've got like a tiered effect, it's quite cute. This is a very cutsie design, very nice and pretty and cute. Then we're going to put some on here. They can go into the lamp now. Going to put a second coat of this pale lilac that we've mixed, over the top again, just a second coat to make it nice and bright. Oh, they'll be good enough to eat these will, these nails. 

So with just a little quackers we're going to do one of the shapes here. For the love heart sweeties. And just keep moving it out until you get it perfectly round, and as big as you want it. So pop them into the lamp and cure those. So with a bit of white we're going to put some white ones on as well. Don't be afraid to overlap Still keep it nice and neat at the cuticle. The thumb needs a little bit of pink on. On there. So using the gel polish as the main colours and the detail we're going to do with acrylic nail art paints. Pop those in and cure those. You'll need a second coat because when you overlapping you don't want the other colour that's underneath to show through. And I'm going to put another coat on the yellow. Now I've made sure I've not touched the white because that's still wet, so i was very careful. They can go into the lamp.

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