Sunday, March 13, 2016

How to Nail Stamp

I hope your having a wonderfulday in this video I'm gonna give you some quick tips on how to stamp, I'm notgoing not going to be talking about stamper nor plates nor tools I just want to over thequick steps on how to nail stamp. nail stamping is very frustrating at first butdon't worry don't give up keep on practicing I know that you're going toget beautiful results keep in mind that everyone stamps differently I'm tryingmy best to give you some tips on how to nail stampthe first thing you want to do is pick out your work area and you want to pickout an area in a room that is not near an open window that's not near a fan not the airconditioner that way you don't have two problems while stamping.

The next step is to have all your tools ready have everything nearby that wayyou can work quicker and more efficiently you don't see my tools andmy videos but they're definitely they're they're just pushed to the side the keyto nail stamping is to work quickly especially if you're using regular nailpolishes the other thing to keep in mind is that your nails should be fullydried before nail stamping let's go over the nail stamping steps first apply polish on the platesnext you gently wipenext pick up and finally stamp these are the steps that you should fall in nailstamping trying not to do anything in between the steps not even closing the cap onyour polish leave it open of course is still have to use it for the rest of yourmanicure let's go over each step, step number one applying polish on your plates if yourgonna use regular polish you should apply at more than usual because as youknow nail polish dries quicker so by applying a little bit more it insurers youthat you're going to get the image to pick up remember if you use nail stampingpolish you don't have to use that muchI am a heavy handed person.

So I usually use more than I should but you really don't have to do that just a personal preferencestep number two gently wipe and this will take you time just remember to gently swipe overyour image try not to apply too much pressure because if you do you'reactually removing polish from the image and it's not going to pick up soremember glide that scraper across the image and you're going to get a beautiful you want to try your best not to swipe too many trying like I'm doing inthe video because if you swipe too many times your actually drying your polish and it's notgoing to pick up much try to swipe one or two timesnow gonna give you a quick demonstration on why it's importantto swipe lightly I apply polish on the plate and I'm gonna swipe with pressure and you can already seewhat's happening and look at the image can you see what happens if you apply toomuch pressure you're actually removing polish from the image and its like topick up property now I'm gonna try my best to swipe lightly.

I apply polish on the plate and I gently swipeswipe again just in case I pick up and see it looks way better no missing areasthe third step is to pick up with your stamper now you have to keep in mind that allstampers are different so we have practice to see which way is best waysome of these stampers you can actually pushed down with themor you could roll with themI have been noticing with all the new stampers coming out the best way touse themis to roll but definitely try it out to see which way is the best way to stamp with your stamperThe last step is to stamp on your nails and this is another personal preference because youcan either push on yours are you can roll with your Stamper definitely tryboth ways out to see which way the best way is the best for you I actually like to face thestamper toward me that's way I can see what I'm doing while stampingremember to stamp lightly try not to apply too much pressure because you will smudge your designnext I will next to show you all the steps in action so first we applypolish on the plateswe gently swipe, we pick up and now we stampthere you gokeep in mind that when you stamp stamp on lightly don't apply too much pressureor you will smudge you design so lightly roll or lightly push with your stampernext time one of them using regular polish remember to look for polishes thatthick and opaque these definitely work the best let me quickly clean right tools I forgotnow I apply the polish on the plate a little bit more normal now I quickly swipedHave all your tools nearby I pick up and now I quickly stamp and there you goand there was the quick tips on how to nail that but wait don't forget yourfavorite top coat to seal your design stamping definitely takes time to learn butdon't give up keep on the practicingalways keep in mind that everyone stamps differently and it's gonna take you timeto figure out which way is the best way for youthe important thing is to have fun I hope you enjoyed this video please take carehappy stamping, bye

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