Monday, March 14, 2016


HOW TO LOSE 10 POUNDS IN 3 DAYS??. I'm going to my friends house to watch the Oscars to record a really quick video about diet and I'm gonna do and I'm gonna start tomorrow the diet is called military guy yet and I know many people losing a ton of way says that gonna make you lose 10 pounds in three days 10 pounds in three days guys it's all i said im gonna try it I'm going to give it a shot because when am I gonna lose right eye on them lose pounds and give a shot to this military guy yet I'm gonna start tomorrow because today and probably have a ton of snaps during the Oscars and they want your breakfast have great from one slice of toast 2 tablespoons of peanut butter and 1 cup of tea or coffee or lunch you're gonna have a cup of two and one slice of toast and one cup of tea or black coffee with no sweeteners dinner is gonna be a little bigger allowed 23 of any type of leading me one cup of green beans banana apple and one cup of vanilla ice cream they 2181 slice of toast and a banana until they do is gonna be my cup of cottage cheese on hard and county

And cr@ckers dinner and I V two hot dogs that I you can substitute with other lean meat if you don't wanna hot dogs because it sounds a little bit not healthy one cup of broccoli of courage at a banana and vanilla ice cream we moved to day 3 be by Celgene cr@ckers one slice of cheddar cheese and one more Apple day 3 lunch you gonna be on hardboiled egg and one slice of toast wow that little 83 dinner it's gotta be capped off to an hour after banana and one cup of vanilla ice cream well it is what I'm gonna eat starting from tomorrow and I'm gonna keep like a diary and I'm gonna tell you guys might feel like if I'm starving if I like it I feel fool I just want to empower I and I hope it's going to work out for me.

So I can like you happy for the rest of my life you guys it's really early in the morning but I'm super excited because today is day one and I'm getting ready because I'm gonna go to the gym for boot camp and after that I'm gonna have my lunch might be huge lunch and you're going to show you the breakfast as soon as a get it Brady this is breakfast for they want and I just miss my tea but I'm gonna drink it later because I'm really really late for the carriers begin watch 130 and I had lunch hour go and I feel great for the first time after lunch and I really like the two nite I was surprised but sorry if you hear like guy really surprised because I've never had to not like just plain tune out with no salt I'm really scared because not having anything for that Farley not not having anything for snack can carry me so bad having this neck at four is like a must for me so I'm gonna give up until I would say 630 hold on hold on gonna make it and this is made easy diet today was that bad I know they even have been eating a lot but it was really hard over and for what it's like next time in like oh my god I need some thing but it made its first day gone and I'll see you guys tomorrow for date ok guys I'm starting a to shoot I'm trying to like spend a lot of time getting everything together because he takes me longer and you may need some hungry I like ok you got away and then you're gonna enjoy it so this is pretty much it and I'm tired I had breakfast and then I went straight to bed because yesterday I went to a party and I didn't drink anything like I wanna get to do you know this breakfast was great I like of course the Persians are getting smaller and now I'm gonna go downstairs and get ready because gotta go long time to make it OK guy is pretty much lunch in day two and you can really swell late because I'm trying to drink my my my head so by the saltine cr@ckers and enjoyed this really much I feel great people anything worked and I can feel like a lot of body fat so excited and today's the day with us and 1:30 and breakfast so i'm gona to read this and it's pretty sad look at the place.

I got a small plate so I can treat myself at the end of day three and as you can see I'm super tired and I do looks workers hired because today the portion sizes were small I feel so weak and my muscles are super sore because for the lack of food I know 30 and super excited to it myself tomorrow and see if something happened but I can I can tell that something changed in my body I feel less bloated and little bit skinnier say that the first day of the diet was great I loved it also the second one the third one was too extreme I think I got around 750 calories but it's nothing it's nothing that's the reason why I feel we can feel sick but probably tomorrow is going to be better I'm not going to eat like a pig I'm gonna tell you everything tomorrow morning when I weighed myself and I'm gonna tell you guys how much so just keep watching you guys do for and I have some news because I weighed myself and I just realized that I've lost five pounds because I really want to lose 10 pounds so if you know we have lost 55 pounds again so I'm so excited if I've been lazy and like this and you can see their own differences but I'm happy I'm happy because it's better than right

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