Friday, March 11, 2016

How To: Lemon Body Scrub & Acne Mask

Im here with another tutorial, this time on how to make your own body scrub using all natural ingredients that you probably already have around your home You will need a mixing bowl & either a measuring cup or measuring spoons For the ingredients I will using natural corse sea salt, organic olive oil or unrefined coconut oil & half a lemon. Lets begin by pouring 1/2 a cup of Sea Salt into your mixing bowl. Sea salt is great because not only is it a excellent exfoliating treatment which helps soften tough skin but when combined with oil, will remove dead skin cells and leave your skin looking renewed & FLAWLESS . I PERFER CORSE SEAL SALT BUT IF YOU HAVE SENSITIVE SKIN OR WANT SOMETHING A LITTLE LESS HARSH I RECOOMEND YOU GO WITH A FINER GRAINE Continue on by adding 1/3 of a cup of Olive oil - Olive oil is awesome, it contains Vitamin A and Vitamin E which allows it to work as a cleanser, it's a protector of skin & in this case a moisturizer.

Lastly take 1/2 Lemon and squeeze it directly into the mixture. Lemons are great for many many things - I am adding it to my mixture so that it can help prevent age marks on my skin, or in this case my legs. Last minute i kinda decided to add some coconut oil, because why not right. Just like the olive oil the coconut oil will act as a moisturizer & just like the lemon coconut oil has anti-fungal properties, making this a great foot scrub as well! 

Ok here I am reusing this empty container, I just pealed off the label.s & gave it a quick rinse. if you don't have a container lying around you can always purchase one from Michael's or Ross for a couple of bucks. Were almost doneeee, after mixing the scrub i scooped it into my container and your scrub is done. Ok heres the way i do it. I apply it to your skin and leave it on for a few minutes before you get into the shower. I gently massage it in the shower as I bathe. This will not only help detoxify your skin, but will help exfoliate dead skin cells as you rinse it off & BOOM sexy silkily legs. 

Moving on to the face mask. We will need: Organic brown sugar, raw organic honey, and either coconut oil or olive oil. I began by pouring 1/4 brown sugar right into the container where I will be storing the mask. The Brown Sugar will be the gentle exfoliating in this mask. Then i added 1/3 of a cup of the raw honey. Besides the antibacterial and moisturizing effects raw honey has , honey is also a great ingredient for many gentle scrubs like this one. Finally add 3 tsp of coconut oil for moisture. Raw honey is awesome at preventing acne so if you also suffer from acne on your body, like your back or your chest, back of the arms this mixture might really help you. I didn't show this part but pooped it in the microwave for about 10 seconds to melt the oils after mixing it all together i realized that the mask wasn't as thick as i wanted it to be so i added 3 more Tsp of brown sugar and Tadaaa now your mask is complete! To Apply: I start with a fresh clean face, i take a little bit of the product onto my fingers rub them together & I begin to apply it to my face in circular motion, getting the produce into thte skin. and give myself a little massage just to get the blood flowing. i usually do this 3 times a weeks or so & i leave on for about 10 minutes. After a quick rinse I pat my face dry and I move on moisturizer to lock in the moisture & make sure everything is set, then i apply my under eye cream to prevent any future wrinkles and lastly my lip balm to keep my lips soft & moisturized. And thats pretty much it.

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